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Tampers for Rent

United Rentals has tampers for rent, designed to compress and compact various materials like sand, asphalt, gravel and dirt. Tampers, also known as compactors, are ideal for packing various mediums and flattening the surface, creating a dense, level surface that is perfect for construction, gardening and other industrial works. United Rentals offers a variety of tampers, from pneumatic tampers to air backfill tampers. Tampers are often used in infrastructure, landscaping and construction. Renting a tamper ensures a clean and simple option for your worksite needs. Browse our inventory below. 

Cat Class Code

Air Rammer Tamper, 870-1,600 BPM

  • Ideal for soils and sand compaction in trenches, surface prep and more
  • Easy to use with air compressor
  • Up to .7-1" bore and 2-2.5" stroke
  • Deliver between 870-1,600 bpm
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Backfill Tamper Pack Shot
Cat Class Code

Air Backfill Tamper, 670 BPM

  • Length 52"
  • Up to 670 bpm
  • Ideal for backfilling holes, packing asphalt and compacting soil
  • Durable steel tamping plate
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