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Tampers for Rent

United Rentals offers a premier selection of pneumatic tampers for rent. Whether in construction, landscaping or any other industry that demands efficient soil compaction, our pneumatic tampers are here to elevate your productivity.

For our full list of tampers, view the items below. For more information about tampers, visit our resource section.


FAQs About Tampers

United Rentals has a large inventory of tampers for rent, designed to compress and compact various materials, like sand, asphalt, gravel and dirt. Tampers, also known as compactors, are ideal for packing various mediums and flattening surfaces to create a dense, level surface perfect for construction, gardening and other industrial works. United Rentals offers a variety of tampers, from pneumatic tampers to air backfill tampers. Browse our inventory above.

Learn more about our tampers in our FAQ section below.

How do pneumatic tampers work?

Pneumatic tampers use compressed air to create powerful, rapid impacts that compact soil or other materials. The tamper's piston strikes the surface, transferring energy and effectively compacting the area.

Can pneumatic tampers be used for different types of soil?

Pneumatic tampers are great for various soil types, including cohesive, granular and mixed soils. The specific tamper model and size needed may vary depending on the soil's characteristics and compaction requirements.

How do I choose the right pneumatic tamper for my project?

Selecting the right pneumatic tamper depends on project size, soil type and compacting requirements. United Rentals' knowledgeable staff can help you choose the correct tamper based on your specific needs. Contact your local branch today.