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Webinar Series Designed for Managing Your Worksite Performance

Equipment, data, safety and expertise are at our core. United Rentals wants to share trends, knowledge and tips for you and your business. In these times, safety and work practices can change day-to-day.

The United Rentals Webinar Series provides advice, safety guidance and innovation from experts and leaders across multiple industries to help navigate these changing times.

Designed for decision-makers, owners, contractors and consultants, our free webinars will provide helpful and practical tips to identify and mitigate risks, update best practices on your worksites and construction projects.

View the upcoming schedule of our free industry and construction webinars or watch past webinars on-demand below.

Webinar Series


Confined Space Safety: What Are You Breathing?

Join this webinar to understand why initial testing is crucial before entering a confined space.  As we continue this discussion we will highlight the effects of atmospheric hazards to the human body to understand why continuous monitoring is always best.  We will review proper testing procedures using either a pump mode or diffusion mode instrument.  Before we conclude our discussion; we will break down general information on calibrations, bump testing, and overall maintenance to ensure your equipment is operating properly for every confined space entry project.

Time: 7 a.m./ 2 p.m. CT
Date: 5/10/2022

Confined Space Safety: What is Proper Ventilation in a Confined Space?

Confined spaces, as defined by OSHA, may be found in virtually every workplace.  When employee entry into those spaces is required, the employer must ensure safe entry.  This means evaluating for existing and potential physical and atmospheric hazards.  When an atmospheric hazard is found, or may develop, proper ventilation is needed.  This webinar will explore proper ventilation sizing, set-up, purge time, and more, to help ensure a safer workplace.

Time: 7 a.m./ 2 p.m. CT
Date: 5/11/2022

Confined Space Safety: Are You Prepared for Non-Entry Rescue?

Join this webinar to understand the importance of retrieval systems, why having the right set up is critical, and how should we maintain equipment before we begin confined space operations.  As we cover this topic of retrieval systems, we will also break down the key differences of a Self-Retracting Lifeline and Mechanical Winches.  We will also review equipment inspections to ensure preparedness to conduct an efficient and safe non-entry rescue.

Time: 7 a.m./ 2 p.m. CT
Date: 5/12/2022



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