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Key Applications & Industries for

Tool Rental Solutions

Get tool solutions that keep your job moving.

Managed Tool Trailer

Get the tools you need to get the job done right

United Rentals' tools solutions is more than just a tool rental service. Too much time and money is spent fixing, replacing or searching for tools and equipment during projects. We offer custom designed tool rental services like our always-on inventory tracking, complete communications systems and mobile tool rooms delivered straight to your worksite. Our project development managers will help you save big on large-scale operations with our managed tool solutions.

We’re here to help with a wide range of tool solutions custom fit for your job. Whatever your projects demand, you can depend on United Rentals from start to finish.

Tool Solutions

What United Rentals Offers

Your end-to-end provider for tools and equipment management

Tool Rentals

United Rentals offers tool rentals and delivery when and where you need it.

  • Rent tools individually or as a package through one of our fully stocked mobile tool rooms

  • We deliver industry-specific ProBoxes that come custom-stocked with tools and supplies tailored to meet your project’s needs

  • Our experts will help plan, stock and track inventory

  • We conduct inspections and provide maintenance to keep your crew safe and productive

  • Save money renting tools from United Rentals by avoiding expense like purchase cost, depreciation, warehousing, maintenance and repair

  • We offer hoisting and rigging solutions, hand and power tools, welding equipment, hydraulic torquing equipment and more

  • Our onsite tool packages include custom tool pallets and job-specific gang boxes that come stocked with tools and supplies specifically for your project

Complete Communications Systems

United Rentals offers a broad lineup of two-way radio rentals to keep your crew in constant communication.

  • Affordable radio rentals for group events and jobsites

  • We can provide an entire system or add radios to your existing system

  • Excellent for group trips and events

  • We offer intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe radio options

  • Ensure constant contact between you and your crew

Managed Tool Solutions

Save time and money on large-scale or long-term projects with our managed tool solutions.

  • Onsite mobile tool rooms custom stocked with tools and supplies for your specific needs
  • Option to equip tool rooms with United Rentals’ tracking and inventory management software
  • Managed digitally through Bluetooth connectivity or hands-on by a United Rentals tools expert who checks out tools to authorized users, inspects and maintains tools.
  • Ensures tool availability and cut loss
  • Broken tools will be replaced with on-site backups
  • Cut costs on storage, warehousing, repairs, replacements and maintenance
Commercial Worksite

Here’s how we can support your project

It’s more than just renting equipment; it’s about labor efficiency, quick access to the right tools, transparency into your tooling habits and cutting costs on unnecessary tool purchases. United Rentals helps our customers establish tooling policies and procedures (TPPs) to improve jobsite productivity while assisting companies to preserve capital and minimize loss or overconsumption.


Tool Rentals for All Applications

Commercial Construction
cranes in front of building

Commercial Construction

Stock your crew with our fleet of construction tooling, including battery-powered hand tools, core drills, benders, threaders, pullers and more.

Refining & Petrochemical
Oil Refinery

Refining & Petrochemical

Find the refinery tool rentals you need to minimize downtime, from arc welders to electric hoists.

power lines


Quickly perform critical tasks at your plant with positioning equipment, work lights and more. 

highway construction


Count on our tool rental services to get the job done with rock splitters, rivet busters and more.

Electrical & Mechanical
power lines

Electrical & Mechanical

Keep your crew on track with termination tools, pipe benders/threaders, cable pullers and more.

Concrete & Surface Preparation
pouring concrete

Concrete & Surface Preparation

Complete your concrete finishing projects with our fleet of tools for rent, including grinders, screeds and more.

On-Site Tool Cribs
worksite overview

On-Site Tool Cribs

Keep tools organized with tool cribs fitted with the equipment you need for  your crew, from hand tools to small equipment.

workers in line


Stay connected with our selection of two-way radio rentals, whether on a jobsite or at an event.

Industrial Blinds
industrial blinds

Industrial Blinds

Get the right blinding solutions for any project.


Commercial Worksite

Asset Tracking System (ATS)

Minimize tool loss and maximize utilization with improved asset visibility, accountability, and efficiencies.


Tool solutions when and where you need them

Explore some of our recent tool success stories

Tool Trailer Cuts Shutdown Costs

Tool Trailer Yields Major Savings for Refinery Shutdown


With a company’s project timeline delayed, the budget and capacity for unnecessary expenses had to be reduced as much as possible. The company needed to avoid the hefty fee of purchasing a large quantity of tools.


After postponing the shutdown of a large refinery in 2020 due to COVID-19, the scope of this company’s shutdown increased dramatically in 2021.


United Rentals provided an on-site managed tool trailer complete with a tool trailer coordinator accountable for providing tools, consumables and consumption management reporting over the four-month shutdown. The company expected to spend more than $1 million on tools and consumables for the project. United Rentals bid the tool trailer at $600,000, saving at least 40% right off the bat. Thanks to the lean model, the final savings were even more substantial.

Construction Company Saves Big
Tool trailer on renewable jobsite

A Managed Tool Trailer Helps Construction Company Save Big


Help a company save money on buying, maintaining and replacing tools.


The 11-month, out-of-state project with 250 craft workers on site would deplete the company’s entire toolkit, leaving it with insufficient tools for other clients.


United Rentals supplied a managed 53-foot tool trailer stocked with exactly what was needed during each project phase, including backups. We also provided shipping containers with large items such as benders, threaders and tuggers.

Electrical Contractor Cuts Tool Spend
Data Center photo

Managed Tool Trailer Cuts Costs and Supports Audit for Data Center Project


Reduce excess tool inventory and get project spending back on track.


Three months into a large data center construction project in Virginia, a national electrical contractor found itself well over its tool budget.


United Rentals provided a 53-foot managed tool trailer and stocked it with 266 types of tools. It also placed ProBoxes (gang boxes) in strategic locations around the site, each containing tools the crew in that area required. We decreased tool spend, reduced cost per man-hour and kept the project ahead of the planned schedule.

Plant Shrinks Turnaround Costs
Oil Refinery

Chemical Plant Cuts Turnaround Costs with Managed Tool Trailer


Help a multi-chemical facility solve three challenges: tool duplication, tool loss and footprint issues created by tool trailers brought in by multiple contractors.


Having several separate contractors provide tooling caused tool loss and duplication, among other issues.


By providing a managed tool trailer for all contractors to utilize, along with tool tracking, United Rentals solved these challenges and reduced the plant’s overall tool spend. Our tool trailer was staffed 24/7, reduced duplication, improved productivity and eliminated tool loss.

Custom Solution Solves Radio Problem

Custom Solution Solves ‘Unsolvable’ Radio Problem


During the Indianapolis 500, the largest single-day sporting event on the planet, Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) staff rely on radios to coordinate every aspect of their work, including stage setup, merchandise sales, fire and rescue, security, safety patrols and housekeeping. But for more than a decade, the radio system failed to deliver on race day. Due to significant interference, some parts of the facility became unreachable. The radio vendor for IMS said the problem simply couldn’t be solved.


United Rentals had a breakthrough idea: Move the radio equipment away from the central pagoda, and all the nearby antennae, to the relatively remote Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. It used service monitors to understand the different frequencies operating in different parts of the venue, then brought in a fully digital trunking system along with radios. To ensure functionality on race day, it tested the system during smaller events.


On race day, the communications system performed flawlessly. IMS’s logistics manager was able to communicate via radio with operations staff members he couldn’t reach in previous years. Clear communication at the push of a button improved his ability to keep track of people and gear. “The positive feedback has been overwhelming,” he noted.


More information about Tool Solutions

Managed Solutions FAQs
Do you offer this solution without labor?

Yes, it is a 100% customizable solution tailored to your project needs. This solution comes stocked with the tools, consumables and PPE that you select. We also offer the rental of our proprietary software for a small fee. We can also Bluetooth the tools for increased visibility without the labor.

Does your solution offer software?

Yes, United Rentals will offer our proprietary tool tracking software. The software will come on a UR laptop, along with a barcode scanner and printer. The software provides daily, weekly and monthly reporting and it gives you 100% visibility and 100% accountability. Knowing where all assets are at all times is imperative to keeping your projects on track.

On all items we track (tools, consumables, PPE, etc.), you will have visibility to the number of assets on rent vs. how many of each you are utilizing. This allows you to make adjustments based on real-time data, keeping you on budget.

Our software will track any items that you require and provide you with min/max reports; for simplicity of reordering and increasing productivity.

Can your software be implemented in a warehouse?

Certainly. We will license the software for a small fee, provide you with training (or a permanent employee to run your warehouse), a laptop, scanner and barcode printer to run your warehouse efficiently. The software will tell you who has what and what job certain tools were allocated to at any time.

Can it track my own tooling as well?

Yes, you can also track your own tooling should you want to gain increased visibility over your inventory.

Do you offer other sizes of trailers, and can I utilize my own?

United Rentals has several options to best suit the footprint available. However, we can also utilize your owned trailers. Our trailers are equipped with air conditioning, heat, microwave, mini-fridge, two work areas, customized shelving/racking for small tools, large wrenches, hoisting etc.

Asset Tracking System FAQs
How do the Bluetooth tags communicate?

The BT tags communicate through a GPS device on a piece of UR equipment or a fixed GPS gateway for project and warehouse scenarios.

What type of data do the BT tags provide?

The tags report on the location of assets, usage and any assets at risk. The BT tags are always broadcasting data, but the frequency of the read will depend on the proximity of the BT tag to the fixed gateways or GPS devices on United Rentals equipment. All assets can be seen through United Rentals Total Control Dashboard and is readily available to our customers.

Can I tag my owned assets or do I have to rent the small assets from United Rentals?

You can do both, the process for tagging rental tools vs. owned assets is the same. We offer a rental program for the BT tags and gateways as well as a purchase program for your own assets.

Communications FAQs
Can you provide a temporary communications system for my long-term project?

Yes, we have “communications on wheels,” which provide a trucking system explicitly tailored to your needs. It is all-inclusive, including the repeaters as well as a boom antenna.

Can you repair my radios and service my current system?

Yes, we have an experienced team that can maintain and repair your current system. We are a certified UL & CSA repair facility with an average 7-day turnaround time.

Can you provide FCC licenses for my company-owned radios?

Yes, we work with a third-party FCC coordinator and can handle the entire process for you. The coordinator maintains the required records and keeps you up to date on any licenses expiring ahead of time so you can renew them.

Can you match my frequencies to your rental radios?

Yes. We would need to have physical access to the radio to read the programming information and then utilize your frequencies on our rental radios.

What kinds of radios do you carry?

Radios in our fleet to accommodate your needs include:

  • Motorola and Kenwood brand radios

  • Over 15,000 I/S radios

  • UHF and VHR radios

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