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Environment Article Hero
Committed to building a better future together

Sustainability at United Rentals

Ford Pro F-150 Lightning trucks near jobsite

Purpose-driven and committed to action.

Why? Because it's the right thing to do, and we believe in building long-term value for all stakeholders. And the planet. 

Our pursuit of environmental stewardship extends beyond our commitment to our own sustainability efforts. We have the expertise and the tools to help drive positive change from the inside out - bringing experience, technology and a robust fleet of low- and zero-emission options to support ongoing and ever-changing environmental stewardship decisions.

We're targeting three areas: 

  • Innovative solutions to help customers meet their own environmental stewardship goals
  • Advanced rental fleet to help our customers reduce their emissions
  • Our company and how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our non-rental fleets, buildings and operations

We have big goals and the innovations to support them, investing in a best-in-class fleet and the right technology to drive better understanding and smarter decision-making through a strategic lens. Let's build a better future together. 


We're committed to building a better future.

Starting with our own company.

GHG emissions reduction

35% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions intensity across Scopes 1, 2 and third-party hauling within Scope 3 by 2030

Lighting retrofit

95% of North American operationswill have lighting retrofit completed by 2025. Percentage based on footprint as of June 30, 2022 and does not include locations we may acquire in the future

Waste diversion

Divert 70% of our waste from landfills by 2025


Cleaner equipment, ready to work for you

We have a robust fleet of low- and zero-emission options today, but we're just getting started. We've made it a priority to invest in the best-in-class sustainable fleet so we can continue working toward our goal of a better future together. 


Clean Energy Equipment
Sustainability Clean Energy Equipment

Clean Energy Equipment

Electric or hybrid units represent approximately 20% of our rental fleet and counting.

Ford F-150 Lightning and E-Transit
Sustainability Ford F10 E Transit Card

Ford F-150 Lightning and E-Transit

In an agreement with Ford Pro, United Rentals has invested in all-electric F-150 Lightning and E-Transit vans, both available in 2022. 

Alternative Fuel Generators
powrbank portable generator on black backdrop

Alternative Fuel Generators

Options other than diesel fuel for generators along with add-on options for battery/hybrid supplement.

Tier 4 Equipment
generator hitched to truck

Tier 4 Equipment

We carry a robust fleet of equipment that was designed to decrease emissions. And work hard for you


Innovative tools to drive smart, sustainable decisions

Data is the key to optimizing efficiencies and strategies. Our suite of applications can help customers plan for and execute ways to lessen their environmental footprint. Set goals and prioritize actions based on information from our benchmarking tool or utilization tracker. Respond quickly and adjust accordingly with real time insights to keep your worksite humming and the environment at the forefront. 

WEDGE Environmental Monitoring
wedge in action

WEDGE Environmental Monitoring

Monitor site measurements such as temperature and humidity via desktop and mobile devices anywhere, at any time.

Emissions Tracking
Sustainability Emission Control Card

Emissions Tracking

Track your fleet emissions, including Greenhouse Gasses and priority pollutants, with Total Control ®

Utilization Tracking
Sustainability Utilization Tracking

Utilization Tracking

Keep track of equipment utilization and reduce idling for cleaner, more efficient worksites.

Sustainability Benchmarking


Set goals and track progress based on industry and historical data


More on Sustainability

Read more about our ongoing commitment to being good stewards of the environment. 


United Rentals White Papers

United Rentals outlines strategy, approach and options to help navigate evolving sustainability strategies.

Hybrid Power Solutions
Hybrid power

Hybrid Power Solutions

Innovations in energy storage are revolutionizing portable power, making it more efficient and more sustainable. Leading the transformation are battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Ford Pro F-150 Lightning trucks near jobsite

United Rentals, USC Athletics Partner on Sustainability

United Rentals announced a multi-year, sustainability-focused partnership as a sponsor of University of Southern California Athletics. The agreement includes United Rentals being the participating sponsor for USC’s Zero Waste Football Game and the Zero Waste Men’s Basketball Game.


In the News

Check out our latest announcements and press releases for details on our ongoing sustainability efforts. 

Sustainability Benchmarking

Your partner for an ongoing investment in our future

The time to act to lower emissions and conserve and protect our natural resources is now. 

As an industry leader, we’re using our position to support eco-conscious changes on construction and industrial worksites. Together with our customers and OEM partners, we can Work UnitedTM to leave a lighter footprint on the planet and build a better, more sustainable future.