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What do I need to know before choosing equipment or tools?

Planning is crucial to any project — your timeline and budget depend on it. And choosing the right equipment can keep your project on track. Before you get started, you need to assess the job: What are the conditions and terrain of the site? What is the schedule? When you have answered those questions, you can narrow down the equipment specifications:

  • Height you need to reach
  • Amount of earth you need to move
  • 2- or 4-wheel drive wheels, tracks, etc.
  • Electric, gas/diesel or air power
  • Any accessories you need such as pipe racks, tool trailers or bucket extensions
  • Services or equipment rentals for events such as porta potties, water treatment or power & HVAC

Simply having a range of specifications will help you choose the right equipment.

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How do I rent equipment online?

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Why should I choose United Rentals?

With the largest fleet in the industry and over 1,400+ locations across North America, United Rentals is your source for renting heavy equipment.

You can count on our team of industry experts, top-tier equipment and tools, and 24/7 customer service to keep your operations running smoothly, day or night.

You can rent top-quality and expertly maintained equipment at United Rentals. With a dedicated team of customer service and industry experts, we’re here to help keep projects on time and on budget.

Our inventory of small and large equipment rentals includes solutions for difficult climates, visibility blockers, tough terrain, high spaces and unique situations. You can trust us to have the tools and equipment you need when you need them.