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United Rentals offers various sander and stripper rental options, and we are here to ensure you pick the right piece of equipment for your project. The drum sanders are used for a majority of projects and can operate from a standing position. The edger is used for hard-to-reach areas like closets or stairs, as well as getting close to the wall line. Tile strippers help to remove tile from a floor and are used primarily in floor refinishing projects like replacing tile or adding hardwood floors. 

Sanders & Strippers FAQs

What is a drum sander used for?

  • Drum sanders are ideal for fine surfacing or sanding wood; however, they are best used in smaller projects as they aren’t the best piece of equipment to use for removing large amounts of wood. 

What’s the difference between a floor scraper and a tile stripper?

  • The terms floor scraper and tile stripper are quite similar. You can use a floor scraper to strip tile, vinyl and other flooring material, while a tile stripper is best for just stripping tile.

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Cat Class: 220-7075

Edge Floor Sander, 5-7 in.

  • Power 1 hp motor maintains speed under heavy cut conditions
  • Durable, rugged construction
  • Vacuum fan and bag for efficient dust control
  • Ideal for edges and corners of hardwood flooring
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