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Hydraulic Shoring (12)

Keeping your crew safe underground is priority number one, for you and for us. Trench shoring is designed to prevent collapse, by bracing the walls of a trench. Our trench shore rentals include both hydraulic shoring (hydraulic pistons pumped until they press walls up against the trench) and beam and plate shoring (steel i-beams with steel plates pressing against trench walls). Hydraulic shoring is typically used with steel plates or heavy plywood called Finform to brace against the trench walls. Our trench shore equipment is comprehensive and heavy duty, to help keep your crew safe underground.

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Cat Class: 940-6960
Fin Board 4' x 8'
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  • OSHA Approved
  • Easy Installation
  • Light Weight
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Cat Class: 940-6950
Hand Pump For Shoring
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  • Hand Pump
  • Easy Installation
  • Light Weight
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Cat Class: 940-6855
Manhole Brace Release Tool 96in
Cat Class: 940-6953
Polyethylene Fin Board 4' X 8'
Cat Class: 940-6850
Release Tool 48"
Cat Class: 940-6902
Release Tool 96"
Cat Class: 940-6910
Removal Hook 48"
Cat Class: 940-6916
Removal Hook 96"
Cat Class: 940-6956
Shoring Pump 12 Volt Electric
Cat Class: 940-6952
Shoring Pump Gas Powered

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