Chemical Emergency Preparedness

Effective solutions in emergency situations

Since hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and storms can wreak havoc on your chemical refining and production operations, we provide effective solutions that give your operators access to emergency equipment when you need it most.

Support for Emergency Preparedness

In high-risk zones, United Rentals will work with you to stage emergency equipment such as generators, light towers and pumps either on site or nearby. Our goal is to ensure the safety of your crew members and provide ongoing support to your operations.

  • Work with our support specialists to develop contingency plans in emergency situations.
  • Be prepared with on site or nearby staging areas of our emergency inventory.
  • Depend on our rapid response service for a reliable backup in times of need.

One Step Ahead

Work with one of our Power & HVAC specialists to make sure you have the right backup equipment in place for emergency and significantly minimize your vulnerability to unforeseen events. Contact us below for a consultation.