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We have a selection of roll-off boxes to help you store runoff, soil, and waste to keep your construction site clean and compliant with regulations.


How do you manage construction waste?

  • The management of construction waste depends on the type of waste. Furniture or recyclable items from an existing structure or even the concrete from a site can be put into dumpsters. However, for liquid on construction sites like runoff or dewatering sludge or slurry, consider using a roll-off box with a vacuum-sealed lid as well as filter panels.

What is considered sludge?

  • Sludge, a semisolid substance, is produced from a variety of industrial processes such wastewater treatment and sanitation services and can contain harmful chemicals.



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Cat Class: 610-5170

Dewatering Roll Off Box, 25 cubic yds.

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  • Manage and dewater sludge and slurry with these vacuum-rated containers
  • Easily transported by trailer
  • Flexible roof makes it easy to manage
  • Removable filter screen to increase efficiency
  • 150-micron consumable filter cloth
  • Uses: Ideal for construction sites, this roll-off liquid storage container will comply with disposal regulations, trap grease and separate other solids at your site

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