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Screeds & Trowels for Rent

United Rentals carries a large fleet of screed and trowel rentals to ensure a smooth and strong concrete finish. Often used in landscaping and construction sites, screeds and trowels are perfect for treating and finishing any concrete pour.

For our full list of screeds & trowels, view the items below. For more information about about screeds & trowels, visit our resource section.

Black and green Multiquip concrete finisher
Cat Class Code

Concrete Finisher, 24-30 in., Gas Powered

  • 24-30 in. ring diameter
  • Gas-powered engine up to 6 horsepower
  • Vibration-dampened handle for smooth, easy operation
  • Portable and easy to move or transport between sites
  • Uses: Ideal for smoothing fresh concrete in small- to medium-sized spaces
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Black and green Multiquip 36 inch concrete finisher
Cat Class Code

Concrete Finisher, 36 in., Gas Powered

  • 36" ring diameter
  • Automatic safety shut-off upon handle release
  • Vibration dampened handle for smooth, easy operation
  • Features four blades and a centrifugal clutch
  • Uses: Ideal for polishing and leveling concrete surfaces
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Concrete Finisher
Cat Class Code

Concrete Finisher, 46-48 in., Gas Powered

  • 46-48 in. ring diameter
  • Automatic safety shut-off upon handle release
  • Vibration dampened handle for smooth, easy operation
  • Features four blades and comes equipped with a centrifugal or variable speed clutch
  • Uses: Ideal for polishing and leveling concrete surfaces
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Orange Allen Ride-on Power Trowel
Cat Class Code

Ride-on Power Trowel, Gas or Diesel Powered

  • Twin 43-48 in. rotors that can finish up to 96" of concrete at a time
  • Features automatic safety shut-off
  • Twin lever direction control for precise maneuverability
  • Easy to operate to reduce operator fatigue
  • Uses: Ideal for polishing and leveling broad concrete surfaces
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Black and green Multiquip ride-on concrete trowel
Cat Class Code

Ride-on Concrete Trowel, 48+ in.

  • Multispeed drive system
  • Automotive constant velocity joints
  • Features steering assist and LED lighting
  • Twin pitch control
  • Uses: Ideal for smoothing, leveling and polishing concrete surfaces for concrete finishing applications
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Silver, red and green Multiquip Whiteman concrete vibratory screed
Cat Class Code

Concrete Vibratory Screed

  • Designed for single-person operation
  • Maneuvers around obstructions without marring slab surface
  • Handles adjust to operator height
  • Convenient fingertip throttle control
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green Whiteman screed machine
Cat Class Code

Screed Machine

  • Steel frame construction with low-profile design
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Simple to operate
  • Delivers optimal F-numbers
  • Uses: Ideal for creating a smooth and level floor surface
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FAQs About Screeds & Trowels

Our rental lineup of vibratory power screeds are designed to be dragged on top of freshly poured concrete, vibrating the top layer and spreading it to fill in any dips, waves, bumps or cracks. It will strike off any extra concrete from the slab and leave a smooth and shiny surface. Ergonomic concrete screed rentals reduces strain on operators, allowing them to comfortably treat the concrete. Once the concrete dries a little and has lost its glossy sheen, turn to one of our walk-behind power trowels — or finishers — for the last stage of concrete work. Trowels use rotating blades to smooth the concrete as it dries. All our trowel machine rentals are heavy-duty and ideal for large construction areas. We also offer a robust lineup of powerful screed rentals for smoothing out wet concrete surfaces. Perfect for construction, landscaping and more, our screeds and trowel rentals are ideal for extending the life of your concrete pour.

Learn more about screeds and trowels in our FAQ section below.

When should I screed concrete?

Concrete should be screeded as soon as it is poured into the site. Typically, one operator is using a rake or shovel to spread the concrete into place and another operator is using a screed to smooth the surface after them. The vibratory screed should be used slowly, so that every part of the concrete is vibrated and smoothed. You will know the concrete is properly screeded when there are no cracks or bumps and there is a shiny film of water on the top.

When should I use a power trowel on concrete?

Troweling should be completed after the concrete has dried some. The shiny film of water will have evaporated and the concrete will be stiff enough to stand on, but the surface will still be soft and green. The walk-behind trowel can smooth large areas of concrete, such as garages, parking lots and construction sites. Hand trowels are better suited for smaller surfaces.

How do I trowel concrete smooth?

While using a screed is a slow process, troweling with a power trowel can be completed quickly. The rotating blades will move fast, so you have to move somewhat quickly too, watching the concrete to make sure it is smooth before moving on. If the blades hit the concrete too much or if the blades are pitched at too much of an angle, you will leave ridges and bumps that will have to be troweled again or fixed later with a grinder.