Masonry & Tile Saws

Masonry saws and tile saws can handle your stonework and tile jobs quickly and efficiently. We offer multiple cutting depths and versatile blades for these table saws so you can cut through stone pavers, ceramic, glass, brick and even concrete blocks.

Masonry saws are heavy-duty machines with higher maximum cutting depths for straight cuts on larger materials such as large concrete blocks, stone pavers and granite.

Tile saws have a lower maximum cutting depth, but they are designed for more precise cutting such as angled, irregular cuts on ceramic or glass tiles. These saws include a slurry system to wash away dust with an optional large water tank for big jobs.



Should I use a tile saw or a masonry saw?

  • While tile saws and masonry saws look similar, they are designed for different uses. Wet tile saws are designed to cut through thin tiles. They are more precise and can cut at different angles. Masonry saws are heavier duty machines made to cut through thick materials like natural stone, granite and more. If you have a range of cutting to do, such as cutting through stone pavers, tiles and brick, a masonry saw would be a good fit. If you are only cutting tiles or pavers around 30mm, a tile saw would be the best choice.

Can I cut glass tile with a tile saw?

  • Tile saws and masonry saws can cut through glass tile as long as they are fitted with a diamond blade rated for that purpose. A diamond blade designed to cut glass will prevent chipping or crushing the glass. A wet tile saw or a masonry saw with a diamond blade would be ideal for cutting glass.

Can I use a tile saw to cut pavers?

  • Yes, a tile saw can cut stone pavers as long as they do not exceed the maximum cutting depth of the blade, for instance a tile saw can cut around 30mm thick pavers.

Can I cut granite with a tile saw?

  • Yes, a tile saw will cut granite as long as the granite does not exceed the maximum cutting depth of the blade. Tile saws and masonry saws are designed to cut abrasive materials such as ceramic, natural stone, brick and concrete. However, tile saws have a limited cutting depth. So if you need to make straight cuts on large pieces of granite, a masonry saw may be the better fit.

Can I use miter saw to cut tile?

  • It is not recommended to use a miter saw on tile because miter saws are typically outfitted with blades designed for woodcutting. If you use a blade designed for tile cutting, it will work, but a tile saw or masonry saws are ideal for cutting tile.
Portable Water Tank
Cat Class Code

Portable Water Tank, 4 gal.

  • Water tank for dust control
  • Can easily sit on a flat surface
  • Hose attachment
  • Large handle for portability
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Portable Table Saw
Cat Class Code

Table Masonry Saw, 10 in.

  • Collapsible stand for portability
  • Modular blade guard and anti-kickback safety system
  • Maintains blade speed during difficult applications
  • Lightweight and portable
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Tile Saw Pack Shot
Cat Class Code

Tile Saw, 10 in., Electric Powered

  • Cutting depth up to 3 3/4"
  • Blade diameter 10"
  • Manufacturers include Husqvarna and Norton Clipper
  • Tabletop or extending legs available
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Tile Saw
Cat Class Code

Tile Saw, 7 in., 115V Electric Powered

  • Cutting depth up to 2 1/2"
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to operate
  • Quickly adjustable cutting head
  • Blade diameter 7"
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