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Levels & Leveling Lasers for Rent

United Rentals offers a comprehensive selection of levels and leveling lasers for rent, empowering you to achieve perfect alignment, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

For our full list of levels and leveling lasers for rent, view the items below. For more information about levels and leveling lasers, visit our resource section.

Black and green MAKITA Laser Level
Cat Class Code

Laser Level

  • Leveling accuracy within 1/16" at 100'
  • Hand-held or rod-mounted receiver, machine mountable
  • Convenient, one-person operation
  • Durable and resistant to breaks even at falls from 5' height
  • Uses: Ideal for measuring elevation, angles of excavations and concrete pours
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Yellow Automatic Grade Laser
Cat Class Code

Automatic Grade Laser

  • Quick and easy setup with no manual leveling
  • Grade reverse on both axes up to 330' away
  • Automatic temperature and grade compensation
  • Comes with digital readout receiver with a large laser reception area and digital on grade reading
  • Uses: Ideal for single slope grading applications
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Pipe Laser Pack Shot
Cat Class Code

Pipe Laser

  • Steep grade option available, "rake-in" up to 100%
  • Line range of 20 degrees
  • Grade range of -15% to +40%
  • Easy to use
  • Uses: Inspect piping or conduit for grade
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FAQs About Levels & Leveling Lasers

Our levels and leveling lasers for rent are meticulously calibrated and maintained to deliver unparalleled accuracy. If you're interested in learning more about the uses and benefits of leveling laser tools, check out our Project Uptime article, Uses and Benefits of Leveling Laser Tools. From horizontal and vertical leveling to complex alignments, our equipment ensures that your measurements are spot on, saving you time and resources. These cutting-edge levels and leveling lasers streamline complex alignment tasks, allowing you to achieve precise results with ease. With self-leveling capabilities, automatic slope calculation and remote-control functionality, our rental equipment simplifies even the most intricate alignment challenges.

Learn more about levels and leveling lasers in our FAQ section below.

What is the difference between a level and a leveling laser?

A level is a traditional tool used to determine horizontal or vertical alignment by using a bubble vial or pendulum system. On the other hand, a leveling laser is a modern electronic device that emits a laser beam to create a highly precise and visible reference line for leveling and alignment tasks.

How accurate are leveling lasers?

Leveling lasers are known for their exceptional accuracy. The accuracy of a leveling laser is typically measured in millimeters per meter (mm/m) or in arc seconds. Depending on the model and specifications, leveling lasers can achieve accuracy levels ranging from a few millimeters to sub-millimeter precision over long distances.

Can leveling lasers be used outdoors in bright sunlight?

Yes, many leveling lasers are specifically designed for outdoor use and are equipped with features to enhance visibility in bright sunlight. These lasers may have high-powered lasers, pulse mode settings or specialized detectors that allow for precise measurements even in challenging lighting conditions.