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Data center

Driving Efficiencies in Data Center Construction and Maintenance

Data centers have quickly emerged as the hallmark construction of the Internet Age. Efficiencies, like streamlining construction, optimizing cost, increasing safety and staying on top of maintenance, are paramount. They require a new kind of data center construction partner; one that can add value at every stage of the project. 

More than ever, data centers need to be built safer and quicker, and data center developers are seeking advantages to save time and maximize returns. 

We’re ready to safely deliver mission-critical equipment, expertise and information seamlessly across the complete lifecycle - and into maintenance. From vital trench work and dewatering to Power & HVAC, to flushing and commissioning - United Rentals is well-equipped and ready to provide continuity, control and insights throughout the entire project lifecycle and beyond

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Driving Efficiencies in Data Center Maintenance and Construction

The value of partnering with a one-stop equipment, services and solutions provider.


Data Center Phases

Data center

Data Center Construction

A partner for every stage of the data center construction lifecycle. 

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Data Center Maintenance

The tools and expertise to support ongoing Data Center maintenance, and streamline operations.


What United Rentals Can Do For You

Let United Rentals be your single-source provider for your data center needs

World-Class Safety

Safety is always the first consideration, and on a data center construction project, the risks are high. Our commitment to safety extends across all our product, service and support groups. Meaning you’ve got a lifecycle partner working to reduce risk and promote a safe working environment from day one to project completion. 

Connecting Technologies

We take a data-centric approach to right-size your inventory, generate maximum fleet value and streamline processes. Our industry-leading suite of digital tools and advanced solutions provides actionable insights to drive a smarter, safer and more efficient worksite.

Equipment & People

Throughout construction, we’re ready with the broadest and most versatile fleet of rental equipment and solutions available. Backed by a best-in-class team of experts, we are ready to mobilize the right resources to keep timelines, schedules and operations on track. 

Data Center Expertise

Our experts come well-equipped with innovative solutions, knowledge and extensive experience to drive the safest, most efficient data center build. We’re ready to support successful construction or maintenance of large-scale data centers and can meet the demands of even the most high-velocity projects.

close up of cooling equipment in a data center

The Crucial Role of Load Bank Testing in Data Centers

Load bank testing is essential to preventing server outages. 


Featured Data Center Projects

Onsite Branch for Data Center Build
close up of cooling equipment in a data center

Onsite United Rentals Branch Facilitates Data Center Build


A large client working in concert with a general contractor needed an equipment vendor to support a 10-plus year data center build. The goal: Streamline equipment rental operations across more than 12 contractors while providing temporary assets ranging from scissor lifts and dirt equipment to generators, heaters, job trailers and portable restrooms.


Without a single-source supplier for rental equipment, the client and GC risked expensive project delays caused by lack of equipment availability. Additional risks posed by large, multi-contractor projects include steep cost overruns from mismanaged rentals and billing issues resulting from multiple vendors utilizing different services to create and process invoices.


United Rentals rose to the challenge and provided an innovative solution: an onsite United Rentals branch, stocked with every necessary product. This allowed unfettered equipment access for all contractors and service and repair right onsite. For operations, it meant billing flexibility and streamlined account management, as well as onsite expertise from United Rentals' Solutions groups such as Power & HVAC and Trench Safety.

Tool Trailer for Data Center Project
interor of a server room in a data center with white floors

Onsite United Rentals Branch Facilitates Data Center Build


A national electrical contractor needed to right-size its equipment spending on a large data center construction project in Virignia.


Three months into the project, the contractor found itself well over its tool budget. It had based its rental fleet on the number of tools it would need at the peak of the job, as many contractors do, instead of plotting its needs against the craft bell curve. It wanted the extra tools on hand “just in case.” This strategy left a sizeable percentage of tools sitting idle.


United Rentals leveraged detailed utilization data collected through its managed tool trailer solution to convince the company to right-size its tool fleet using a lean model and get its spending back on track.

For the project, United Rentals provided a 53-foot managed tool trailer and stocked it with 266 types of tools. It also placed ProBoxes (gang boxes) in strategic locations around the site, each containing tools the crew in that area required, such as cable pullers. The ProBoxes improved jobsite efficiency by saving craft workers trips to the tool trailer.


Explore United Rentals' Solutions for Data Centers

United Rentals' extensive offerings come together to provide end-to-end solutions for your data center.


Explore United Rentals' Services for Data Centers

From managed maintenance plans to digital account and equipment management, our services help keep you on track.

Total Control®
man in hardhat on computer

Total Control®

Streamline data center construction and maintenance with actionable insights and fleet visibility. 

Tool Management Services
United Rentals tool trailer driving

Tool Management Services

TPPs (Tooling Policies and Procedures) aim to improve jobsite productivity while helping companies preserve capital in parallel to minimizing loss and overconsumption.


Explore United Rentals' Training and Courses

United Academy has an extensive catalog of training courses to maintain safety on construction and maintenance projects.

OSHA Training
OSHA 10 Hour Construction eLearning (Spanish)

OSHA Training

Stay compliant with the latest training in OSHA standards and requirements. 

General Safety Training
Health and Safety Leadership for Supervisors and Managers for Construction

General Safety Training

Material handling, equipment operator training and more, United Academy has the courses to keep crews safe.   

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