Arch Spreaders (5)

United Rentals arch spreaders and arch spreader extensions for trenching and excavation allow for maximum pipe and structure clearance with minimal trench width. Quick and easy to install, these units are versatile, offered in a full range of widths, and available to rent now.

FAQs about Arch Spreaders

What is an arch spreader?

  • Mostly used to get maximum clearance for bore-pits and large-diameter pipes, arch spreaders raise the clearance from the underside of the trench shield spreader to the bottom of the excavation.  

How much clearance can be added with an arch spreader?

  • Typically, using an arch spreader will help raise clearance 5 ft. to 8 ft. However, one note of education is that loads increase rapidly on the arch spreader as the clearance is increased.


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