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Renewable Energy

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Preparing for a renewable future

Solar and wind energy both play a critical role in the transformation of power generation worldwide. The demand to build and maintain next-gen power solutions quickly, safely and efficiently is at an all-time high, and as the need for renewable energy sources grows, so does the importance of finding partners who can deliver comprehensive solutions, optimized for building at hyper-scale - on time and on budget.

To keep up with a rapid transition to renewable energy sources, United Rentals has equipped our team with the solutions and knowledge to help our customers build and maintain new solar and wind fields across the country. Nationwide access to equipment is key to effectively finishing projects and maximizing profits.

United Rentals can add value at every stage of the project, from ground break to grid emulation. We are the industry's one-stop shop as we venture into the next chapter of energy production and consumption.

Let's build the future, together.


Renewable Energy Sectors

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From solar farm builds to complex projects and commissioning, United Rentals is a strategic partner that can help operators and their contractors meet regulatory requirements - safely and efficiently.

equipment on wind farm


From new wind farm build to water management and commissioning, United Rentals has the design and engineering experience to make the most of the rental equipment and solutions.

BESS system in California


Trust United Rentals with the ever-important BESS (Battery Energy Storage Solution) construction and build. From start to finish, we've got you covered. 

Renewable Energy Solutions

What United Rentals Can Do For You

Let United Rentals be your single-source provider for your renewable energy equipment needs

Broadest Equipment Selection

From dozers, excavators and rollers for the site work; to custom-engineered fluid management solutions and critical power redundancy during testing, we have everything you need to finish solar and wind projects efficiently and effectively.

Digital Productivity

Our equipment is supported by a best-in-class information management system, Total Control®, which provides actionable insights so your solar and wind projects can run as efficiently as possible. Access the dashboard anywhere using the desktop or mobile app.

A Partner in Safety and Sustainability

Safety has always been a core pillar, and we're building on that foundation by equipping our team and our customers with the latest in sustainable equipment options. Our team will work with farm operators and contractors to engineer safe, sustainable solutions for any renewable project.

Expert Planning and Execution

Before you even break ground, the United Rentals team of experts can help review and create a plan for construction. From trench engineers to dewatering experts, our team has the experience and the know-how to maximize uptime and keep your projects running efficiently from start to finish.


Faster Grid Emulation for Renewable Commissioning

One simple strategy can help developers streamline load bank testing and save time and money

Success Stories

Featured Renewable Energy Projects

Watering System Cuts Dust Control Costs for Solar Farm Build
Machinery for solar farming

Watering System Cuts Dust Control Costs for Solar Farm Build

Customer Challenge

 A design-build contractor building a new solar power facility in California’s Mohave Desert planned to control dust by spraying water from water trucks on the ground. However, they ran into issues with the tank and pump vendor they hired to move water from an onsite well to J-stands that supplied the trucks. The pumps broke down often and the automatic pressure valves weren’t working, which resulted in frequent tank overfills and wasted water. The contractor was fined by California EPA.

United Rentals Solution 

United Rentals re-designed the system, brought in new tanks, rightsized the previously oversized pumps and set up automatic shutoff for the tanks

Later, United Rentals provided an additional 16 tanks to serve a new construction area. It added a 7,000 gpm high head booster pump to move water to that area and constructed a discharge manifold to control the water flow so that all tanks would ave the water needed for dust control.


With the United Rentals system in place, the contractor saved $15,000 in water costs and stopped receiving fines for overflows. The automatic pump shutoff eliminated the need for workers to monitor the pumps, which reduced labor costs. Minimizing pump run time led to reduced fuel costs. In addition, with the right water levels in all the tanks, the contractor was able to run five water trucks instead of four.

United Rentals provides end-to-end testing and commissioning solution

A renewable energy developer needed a turnkey substation and commissioning solution on a tight timeline

Customer Challenge 

Meeting the demands and timeline of a stringent contract and operational schedule as well as a lack of grid availability led a large renewable energy developer to seek a temporary and alternative solution to commission their renewable energy project.

United Rentals Power and HVAC Solution 

Based on application expertise, in-house engineering capabilities, and prior project experience, the renewable energy developer opted to go with United Rentals’ Power & HVAC group for a complete substation testing and commissioning solution.

The United Rentals specialists setup and installed a complete system consisting of specialty generators, resistive load banks, reactive load banks, transformers, and medium voltage switchgear to simulate the grid. Our equipment offered a stable voltage and frequency allowing the power plant to be in-serviced up to the substation.


With United Rentals providing the end-to-end testing and commissioning solution, the renewable energy developer was not only able to meet their commissioning schedule and deadlines for contractual obligations, but the system paid for itself many times over due to the fact that they did not have to wait for the permanent interconnection.


Explore United Rentals' Solutions for Renewable Energy Projects

A closer look at United Rentals' solutions to streamline solar and wind projects


Explore United Rentals' Services for Renewable Energy Sites

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Lean into 25 years' worth of industry insights to streamline efficiencies and maximize profits on your solar or wind farm.

Tool Management Services
Tool trailer on renewable jobsite

Tool Management Services

Let the United Rentals team of experts manage and track your tools - so you can focus on building or maintaining the next-gen of energy.


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