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In case of a trench collapse, a trench box (a type of trench shield) is designed to protect workers within the trench. Our trench box sizes range from 4 ft. by 8 ft. to 10 ft. by 24 ft., with up to a 6-in. wall thickness or knife-edge. Ideal for sewer and pipeline work, our steel trench shields feature double-walled construction for greater sidewall security and optimum strength-to-weight ratios. United Rentals trench experts are on hand to help you find the right trench boxes, shields or shoring for rent to fit your project and keep your employees safe at all times. For more information, one of our trench experts provides five key questions to ask yourself when deciding How to Choose the Right Trench Protective System.

FAQs about Trench Boxes & Shields

Is a trench box a confined space?

  • A trench box is a protective system that you use inside a confined space to protect workers against cave-ins or trench collapses.

Does confined space entry training expire?

  • Yes. Confined space entry certification expires after two years. However, we recommend that one review training on an annual basis.

What depth do you need a trench box at?

  • A trench box must be used when a confined space is 5 ft. or greater in depth, they must extend 18 in. above the surface, and they must be no greater than 2 ft. from the bottom.


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