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United Rentals now provides nationwide two-way communication solutions for the industrial maintenance and construction industries along with special events and public safety.  Offering over 600 frequencies and a combination of experience and expertise to design customer specific event solutions using Motorola products and services resulting in a higher level of safety, project efficiency and overall cost savings.


  • Rental 
    • 24/7/365 Service and Technical Support
    • PRO and TRBO Series Motorola Radios
    • Motorola Digital and Analog Repeaters and Accessories 
    • Interoperability 800/900 MHZ to UHF Systems
    • On-Site Programming & Staffing
    • Emergency Systems
    • Area-Wide Coverage
    • Industrial Solutions, Special Events, Public Safety
  • Sales 
    • Full-Service Motorola Products Dealer 
    • 24/7/365 Service and Technical Support
    • Radio Systems (Analog, Conventional, Digital)
    • FCC Licensing (Narrow Banding, New Licensing, Renewals, Modifications)
    • Communication Tower (Design, Install, Lighting)
    • Industrial Solutions, Special Events, Public Safety
  • Repair 
    • Motorola Authorized FM Approved Repair Center 
    • 5-7 Business Day Turnaround
    • FM Approved to Repair Intrinsically Safe Radios
    • Motorola Factory –Trained Technicians
    • Maintenance Contracts Available

Mobile Communications Center Mobile Communications Center

  • Area-Wide Coverage
  • Capable of up to 1,600 Radios
  • 32 Separate Repeated Channels
  • Frequencies Included
  • Emergency Backup to Plant System
  • 60’ to 80’ Boom
  • Self-Contained Trunking Radio System
  • Remote System Monitoring to Prevent System Failure
  • Climate Controlled
  • Industrial, Special Events, Public Safety