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Diggers for Rent

Browse United Rentals’ selection of diggers for rent, capable of providing powerful pneumatic energy for various digging projects.

For our full list of diggers for rent, view the items below. For more information, visit our resource section.

Orange APT Air Trench Digger with a T-Handle
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Air Trench Digger, T-Handle

  • Steel handle with rubber grips
  • 3-3/8" stroke, delivers up to 1,850 bpm
  • Airflow between 34-38 CFM at 90 psi
  • Uses impact force to dig trenches for phone lines, piping and more
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Red Tamco Air Clay Digger
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Air Clay Digger

  • Ideal for digging clay, shale or frozen ground
  • Between 1,850 and 2,350 bpm
  • Inside or three-finger trigger
  • Compact hand-held equipment
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FAQs About Diggers

United Rentals’ inventory of air tools for rent includes diggers, designed to efficiently cut down excavating time and resources. This air trench digger for rent can turn compressed air into high-impact energy and can deliver up to 1,850 blows per minute (BPM). Trench diggers are ideal for making long or narrow excavations for piping or utility lines. Air clay diggers are often used in trenching or digging applications and feature 1,850 to 2,350 BPM. Our diggers are versatile and powerful, saving you time, energy and resources. Manufacturers include leading brands, like Tamco Tools. Learn more about diggers in our FAQ section below.

How to use a trench digger?

Our selection of air trench diggers are handheld and pneumatic, using high-impact energy to dig narrow, deep trenches. Air trench diggers are designed to be used directly on the area being excavated. Portable air trench diggers typically feature an ergonomic handle for increased control and operator ease.

Will a trench digger cut through roots?

Traditional trench diggers, like walk-behind trenchers, are designed to cut through roots. Pneumatic trench diggers, like the ones listed above, are used for more precise, concentrated trenching, allowing the operator to either preserve or sever roots. Before operating a trench digger, it is important to consider root, pipe and irrigation line placement of your particular worksite.

How does an air digger work?

Air diggers deploy compressed air to break, excavate and displace the existing soil. Pneumatic air diggers are connected to an air compressor and are hand-held for operator ease. Need more help? Contact one of our equipment experts for further guidance.