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Truck & UTV Attachments for Rent

United Rentals has all the truck and utility vehicle attachments your team needs, ranging from snowplow accessories to truck racks. We carry accessories from leading brands, like John Deere, Western and Fisher.

For our full list of truck and UTV attachments for rent, view the items below. For more information, visit our resource section.

Trailers Supercategory
Cat Class Code

2-2 5/16 in. Ball & Slide-In Pintle Trailer Hitch Combination

  • 2" to 2 5/16" ball options available
  • Slide-in pintle hook
  • Commonly used on large trucks that need stronger towing capabilities, towing on uneven surfaces like off-road terrain or commercial towing
  • Range of weight and size options available; United Rentals will contact you to confirm requirements
  • Uses: Ideal for large heavy-duty towing applications, like agricultural or industrial trailers
Utility Vehicle icon with white background
Cat Class Code

Truck Rack Attachment

  • Truck attachment
  • Multiple models may be available; models vary by location
  • Efficient and quick attachment to truck
  • Safely distributes load weight
  • Uses: Ideal for increasing a truck's carrying ability, capable of hauling light materials and equipment, like ladders
Green and black John Deere snow plow
Cat Class Code

Snowplow Attachment for UTV

  • UTV attachment
  • 62-72 in. snowplow blade
  • Hardened skid shoes for blade protection
  • Heavy-duty springs protect the vehicle and blade from damage
  • Uses: Ideal for clearing roads and jobsites of snow with a UTV
Utility Vehicle icon with white background
Cat Class Code

Snowplow Attachment for Truck

  • Truck attachment
  • 9-10 ft. snowplow blade
  • Powder-coated steel moldboard
  • Fits dump trucks or large pickup trucks depending on model; models vary by location
  • Uses: Ideal for trucks used to clear roads after light to moderate snowfall

FAQs About Truck & UTV Attachments

Enhance the capabilities of your everyday vehicle with United Rentals’ inventory of trucks and UTV accessories. Our truck and UTV accessories for rent are a cost-effective solution that adds performance and function to your existing vehicles. This durable snowplow attachment can turn a work truck into a utility vehicle suited for work in inclement weather conditions. We also offer this snow rack for UTVs, equipped for light to medium snowfall. Help distribute load weight and hold ladders, equipment and even larger materials, like lumber, with this pickup truck rack for rent.

Learn more about trucks and UTV attachments in our FAQ section below.

Are UTV attachments universal?

No, our selection of UTV attachments is not universal. Some truck and UTV attachments can be universal, but it varies depending on the type of attachment. For example, this UTV snowplow attachment is manufactured to only fit midsize crossover UTVs.

How do I safely attach attachments to my UTV?

Steps for attaching your UTV accessory vary, depending on the type of attachment and type of UTV. To safely and securely attach your UTV accessory, it is important to follow the instructions of your particular system, as there may be specific hookup instructions. Need more help? Contact one of our equipment experts for additional guidance.

How do I choose the right attachment for my needs?

The right vehicle attachment depends on your intended function for the accessory, as well as the vehicle you’re trying to use attachments on. For example, when looking for a side-by-side or truck attachment, it's important to consider vehicle specifications like engine, winch, tires and weight limits.