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Total Control®

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Total Control: Innovative cloud-based worksite management solutions.

Transform the way work gets done on projects big and small. 

Total Control is a comprehensive, integrated suite of tools and services offered from United Rentals that makes it easy to streamline your processes and reduce your annual rental costs. 

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What can Total Control do for your business?

See: Real-time visibility

See equipment utilization and pinpoint the location of your rented and owned equipment anytime, anywhere with Total Control. 

Manage: An all-in-one solution

Order and return equipment, view and pay invoices, submit lien release requests and set alerts for important issues. 

Measure: Benchmark and track

Use our GPS-enabled fleet and years of data to benchmark your equipment performance against your industry peers.

Optimize: Improve operational efficiency

Stay on top of your equipment and improve team efficiency with real-time order notifications. 

The value Total Control brings to your business

Ease of use

Ease of use

Streamline equipment management operations with our user-friendly interface, intuitive design and robust Help Center for support.

Cost forecasting

Cost forecasting

Gain detailed insights into your spending, payment history and your equipment’s cost cycle through effective cost forecasting. 

Customizable and flexible

Customizable and flexible

Monitor, benchmark and compare how your equipment stacks up against industry peers.

Streamline Your Order with Digital Tools

Manage Payments

View, share and pay invoices through Total Control and our Mobile App 


Customize email and text notifications for tasks across all project stages

Availability and Substitutions

Receive rental availability information and recommended substitutions before checkout

Equipment Access Management

Authorize permissioned users to view equipment access PIN codes within our Mobile App

Order History

Access all current and past rental orders and easily re-order equipment with a single click


Emissions Dashboard
emissions dashboard

Emissions Dashboard

Track your environmental impact by utilizing our emissions dashboard for efficient carbon accounting.

Notifications Journey


Stay up to date on your fleet with real-time notifications on equipment and orders.

Sustainability Benchmarking


Monitor, benchmark and compare how your equipment stacks up against industry peers.


Total Control works for a wide range of customers

"Without Total Control, there would be waste everywhere. Without it, our costs would spiral. It's effectively taken our spend from $12M to about $4M."                                                                                

- Equipment Director for a major petrochemical refinery

“No longer do we rent a piece of equipment, walk away from it and not think about it until we get the bill.”

- Logistics Manager for a commercial contractor

“The level of detail we get with Total Control is better than our own system. We immediately saw an opportunity to become more efficient with our equipment, billings and everything else.”

- Company Supervisor for an oil and gas contractor



We can help you effectively manage your equipment

Managing equipment utilization has always been difficult. That changes with the United Rentals Benchmarking Service. Built on 20+ years of data and expertise, United Rentals has created the first comprehensive utilization benchmark for different industry and equipment categories.


Total Control FAQs

See FAQs below for Total Control service and support.

I’m an existing Total Control user. Who do I contact for support or help?

For our Total Control users, we provide a dedicated customer support team to ensure direct and comprehensive assistance. If you are a total control user, reach out to our team at 844.474.8520 or [email protected] for questions or concerns.

Should a Total Control user call the customer care line?

No, our customer care line is reserved for general rental questions and support. This number can be found on the header and footer of every page on UnitedRentals.com.

To better assist our Total Control users, we have a dedicated customer support contact that can be reached by phone at 844.474.8520 or via email at [email protected] 

What information do I need ready once I call the Total Control support team?

In order to provide efficient and comprehensive customer support, please have your account number or account name ready for our experts to accurately assist you. 

How does United Rentals use telematics?

Total Control and United Rentals’ mobile app allows you to view important data points of telematics-enabled units including location, utilization, low fuel, low DEF and more. This means you can see the physical location and usage information of your equipment in real time, giving you a more accurate understanding of how your equipment is being used. Telematics allows for real-time tracking and insights, enhancing equipment usage and site management efficiency.  

What is a lien release?

A lien release is a document that releases any potential legal claims to a property in exchange for payment, typically used and issued by a contractor, subcontractor, supplier, equipment letter and more. Total Control gives you complete visibility over your lien release requests, even offering same-day lien request returns from any connected device. For more help, visit our new Help Center and search “Lien” for in-app guidance on creating a request or contact Total Control support.

How do I sign up for Total Control?

Open the United Rentals mobile app or Total Control and click on "Create a Profile" to fill in your details to create an account. If you already have a digital profile, you will be prompted to create or reset your password. You  can also email us at [email protected] with your full name, phone number, email address and account number(s). Our team will then set everything up and send each user an email with a link to create their own password. 


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Lien Waiver Request
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Lien Waiver Request

Download and send the completed form for a lien waiver request.

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