Rock Splitters & Breakers (6)

For precision on your jobsite, our level and laser tools rentals are a necessity. Whether you’re looking for just a level or laser, or a two-in-one solution: we have the tool to fit.

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Cat Class: 110-1715
Air Rock Splitter, Heavy Duty
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  • Unit dimensions 50-3/4″ long
  • Size hole required 1-3/4" and 26" deep
  • For heavy-duty demolition work
  • Vibration-free and lightweight to reduce strain on operator
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Cat Class: 190-1998
Demo Hammer 15-19 lbs. Electric
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  • Up to 2760 ipm
  • Single-impact force 8 ft/lbs
  • Reduced impact energy for operator comfort
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Cat Class: 190-1900
Demo Hammer Tile Stripping Cart
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  • 35 lbs weight class electric breakers
  • 115VAC, 15 amp
  • Wide range of accessory tools available
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Cat Class: 190-2000
Demo Hammer, 20-25 lbs., Electric
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  • Convenient variable speed dial
  • Quick, tool-free bit changes
  • Padded rear handle absorbs shock
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Cat Class: 190-2110
Demo Hammer, 35-39 lbs., Electric
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  • Impact force of 34 ft./lbs.
  • Padded rear handle absorbs shock
  • Different positions to optimize working angle
  • Lightweight and portable
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Cat Class: 190-2200
Demo Hammer, 60 lbs., Electric
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  • High breaking performance
  • Quick change tool holder accepts standard 1-1/8" hex
  • Vibration dampened controls for easy operation
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