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Scalers for Rent

United Rentals is your premier destination for air scalers for rent. Whether you're tackling a surface preparation project, removing coatings or performing concrete repair, our scalers provide the power and precision you need to achieve outstanding results.

For our full list of scalers, view the items below. For more information about scalers, visit our resource section.

Red Chicago Pneumatic Air Scaling Hammer in a black case with drill bits
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Air Scaling Hammer, 3,000-3,500 BPM

  • Delivers between 3,000-3,500 bpm
  • Single-head model with pistol grip
  • Each stroke is between 2.3-2.6"
  • Ideal for removing scale, heavy corrosion and coatings
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Rotary Bristle Blaster Air Tool

  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Generates anchor profiles ranging from 2.5 to 3.3 mil also on weld seams, edges, around bolts and on surface irregularities
  • Requires an air source
  • Removes corrosion, coatings, mill scale and other contaminants — without removing healthy material
  • Uses: Ideal for coating removal, paint removal, scale removal, weld cleaning, surface decontamination, surface preparation, texturing applications and corrosion removal
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flux attachment for air needle scaler
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Air Needle Scaler with Flux Attachment

  • For cleaning, chipping or removing weld slag, cement, paint and more
  • Needle-chisel conversion available
  • Hardened steel needles for increased durability
  • Compact air tool
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Air Flux Scaler
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Air Needle Scaler with Flux Attachment

  • For cleaning, chipping or removing weld slag, cement, paint and more
  • Hardened steel needles for increased durability
  • Compact, pneumatic powered
  • Needle-chisel conversion available
  • Uses: Intended for cleaning or peening flux, cement, paint rust or other residue
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Air Flux Chisel Straight
Cat Class Code

Air Chipping Hammer Flux Chisel Attachment, Straight

  • Remove weld flux, rust, scale or other coatings
  • Straight attachment
  • Accessory for pneumatic chipping hammers
  • Durable construction
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FAQs About Scalers

United Rentals has an extensive lineup of needle scalers for rent. A needle scaler, sometimes called a needle gun, is ideal for removing rust, mill scale and old paint from metal surfaces. The needles automatically adjust themselves to the contours of irregular surfaces and can strip an area down to bare metal in seconds. Pneumatic air scalers are used in metalwork applications for home and auto repair, adding texture to stone, creating non-skid surfaces and more. Whether you need to rent a needle scaler air tool for a day, month or year, United Rentals has you covered. Browse our listings below.

Learn more about our scalers in our FAQ section below.

Can pneumatic scalers handle different types of coatings?

Pneumatic scalers are specifically designed to handle a wide range of coatings. Whether you need to remove paint, rust, epoxy or other stubborn substances, pneumatic scalers provide the power and efficiency required to achieve excellent results.

How do pneumatic scalers work?

Pneumatic scalers rely on compressed air to power their rapid, high-impact chiseling action. The air is directed into the scaler, transferring the energy to a set of rotating or reciprocating chisels. This process allows the scaler to efficiently remove coatings, rust and other stubborn materials from surfaces.