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Temperature and humidity monitoring for your worksite

WEDGE Remote Monitoring

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What is WEDGE?

Enter a new era of intelligent jobsite management with WEDGE™, a remote environmental monitoring system that utilizes wireless technology to establish robust mesh networks at your worksite. WEDGE™ is designed for project managers, construction site superintendents and development project owners.

WEDGE™, powered by United Rentals, is a two-part system: a network of physical wireless sensors installed on site by local professionals, and an online dashboard accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone. Transform the way you oversee and respond to environmental conditions with real-time insights, dedicated local support, 24/7 alerts, custom dashboards and fuel savings reporting. WEDGE goes beyond the immediate by offering historical analysis, allowing you to delve into past trends and patterns. The result? Informed decision-making and proactive planning for future projects.

Our WEDGE sensor network acts as your eyes and ears on the field, diligently monitoring evolving environmental conditions regardless of weather conditions or seasons. Networks are completely customizable to any project including major infrastructure, high rises, data-center builds, hospitals, ground prep, agriculture, and beyond.

The Power of WEDGE

See What WEDGE Can Do

Strategic Planning with Dashboard Data

Strategic Planning with Dashboard Data

WEDGE doesn't just provide data; it transforms it into actionable insights. Our personalized dashboards offer a user-friendly interface, allowing you to visualize and interpret data specific to your project needs. Utilize the dashboard and reporting features to gain insights into crucial factors such as ground thaw, concrete setting times, and heater scheduling. Empower your team with the foresight needed to plan projects with precision.

Optimize Your Worksite

Optimize Your Worksite

Enhance the efficiency of your worksite by strategically placing rental equipment with WEDGE - minimize fuel consumption and maximize your investment as WEDGE's intelligent insights guide you to eliminate hot or cold spots. Leverage data-driven decision-making for a cost-effective equipment layout.

Contractor Management and Warranty Claims

Contractor Management and Warranty Claims

Efficiently manage your contractors with WEDGE's comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Facilitate seamless communication and the sharing of detailed reports, streamlining warranty claims and ensuring accountability throughout the project lifecycle.

Safety First, Always

Safety First, Always

Above all, WEDGE and United Rentals prioritizes safety. With active oversight on changing environmental conditions, you can keep your projects and people safe. Promote a secure working environment by staying ahead of potential threats such as soaring indoor temperatures, or get ahead of concrete curing issues through WEDGE’s analytics features.


Wedge monitoring systems

WEDGE Allows Customers To:

  • Measure, monitor, and record ambient temperature and humidity across the construction site continuously.
  • Utilize in-slab concrete sensors for precision in monitoring curing conditions.
  • Optimize and control temperature solutions for various construction materials.
  • Monitor ground thaw and base preparation for proactive decision-making.
  • Receive instant alerts based on pre-set thresholds for swift intervention.
  • Customize email and text notifications and manage team access to the dashboard.
  • Capture data for future records and dispute resolution.
  • Enjoy 24/7 visibility and control, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Access the WEDGE™ dashboard conveniently from any device at any time.

WEDGE Solutions

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Environmental Worksite Monitoring
environmental worksite monitoring

Environmental Worksite Monitoring

The construction industry stands at the precipice of transformative change, where the integration of new technologies emerges as a powerful solution to address longstanding challenges. From labor shortages and unplanned delays to miscommunication, extreme weather conditions or equipment failure, the adoption of smart technology on construction projects is heralding an era of intelligent worksites.


Whether you need reliable environmental monitoring to stay on schedule, reduce fuel consumption, or decrease costs for weekend or afterhours labor, WEDGE™ is here to help. Our remote monitoring solutions include:

  • Ambient temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew point
  • Concrete curing
  • Heater control and scheduling


The Paradigm Shift from Smart Homes to Smart Construction

While smart home automation enhances living conditions and efficiency, the impact of implementing similar technology on large construction sites is monumental. The key differentiators lie not only in the type of inputs being measured but also in the stringent requirements for accuracy, adaptable setups, robust hardware capable of withstanding varying conditions, and intuitive interfaces that simplify the interpretation of vast datasets.


Advantages of Smart Worksites

1. Integration

Using just one smart device on site doesn’t necessarily mean that your site is smart. It’s the integration of services that work together to streamline tasks that give a worksite an edge. Smart tech designed for one purpose can often be used in several adaptations and can be integrated with other devices.

2. Connection

Devices that are connected to the internet are a necessity for smart worksites. This allows for real-time availability of data, feedback and control. Project managers and superintendents need to know what’s going on at all times in order to maintain true control over a construction site. Stepping away from traditional methods, a more connected system with instant notifications allows crucial information to get where it needs to go when it is still helpful.


Developing a smart worksite means allowing it to function at its full capacity. Equipment and software need to be built tough enough for challenging conditions, so that you can count on them when it matters most. Having smart systems in place that only work some of the time is just not helpful enough when it comes to minimizing risks and trying to guarantee quality construction.


In essence, the adoption of smart technologies in construction is not just an evolution; it's a revolution. It's a transformation that promises to address existing challenges and elevate the industry's efficiency, productivity, and sustainability to unprecedented heights. WEDGE Remote Monitoring fulfills the promises of a smart worksite by offering integrated solutions, establishing vital cloud-based connections, and providing reliable performance in challenging conditions. With WEDGE, your worksite is in good hands.



Discover revolutionary efficiency and sustainability that WEDGE SmartHeat brings to your jobsite - our cutting-edge system ensures optimal temperature conditions without the need for constant oversight.

WEDGE SmartHeat provides a seamless solution to manage and control jobsite heaters remotely. With the ability to cycle United Rentals heaters on and off according to pre-set schedules, this innovative technology decreases labor costs associated with on-site monitoring and significantly reduces fuel consumption. WEDGE wireless sensors add an extra layer of visibility on large jobsites, capturing temperature readings and sending data remotely to your custom dashboard. Utilize this information for reporting and quality assurance purposes, gaining insights that drive continuous improvement in your operations.

At WEDGE, we also understand the importance of environmental stewardship. SmartHeat is designed to create a more sustainable worksite by promoting energy-efficient heating practices. By utilizing this technology you’ll contribute to a greener future, aligning your operations with sustainable practices. Make a wise investment in your worksite's efficiency, sustainability, and safety.

Choose WEDGE SmartHeat for a smarter, greener, and more cost-effective solution. Contact us today to explore how WEDGE can elevate your jobsite heating strategy.

Concrete Curing
concrete curing

Concrete Curing

Elevating Concrete Quality with WEDGE Remote Monitoring

In the dynamic world of concrete curing, environmental conditions are ever-changing, making real-time monitoring a cornerstone for maintaining quality and optimizing concrete strength. WEDGE goes beyond mere surveillance and takes a proactive approach to jobsite management with 24/7 alerts, concrete analytics features, time-to-cure reports, temperature control and humidity monitoring.

Using WEDGE thermocouples compatible with T-Type wire, customers only need to sacrifice a small length of wire instead of purchasing a disposable unit – sensors can be snipped and reused multiple times on the same project and will record temperatures to within .8 of a degree.

Install WEDGE sensors in temporary hoarding, monitor ambient site temperature, or create actionable analytics for:

  • Temperature differentials at the core and surface
  • Rates of temperature change
  • Concrete Strength in Mpa/Ksi
  • Dew point estimations

Real-Time Precision for Quality Assurance

Use WEDGE to measure and record temperatures in the surrounding air, as well as right inside curing concrete. With numerous sensors installed on a site, and an easy-to-read dashboard showing real-time temperature and humidity levels, a site superintendent knows when and where any problems are arising and allows for proactive problem-solving, preventing issues before they escalate.

Historical Data for Records and Resolution

WEDGE doesn't just focus on the present; it keeps a detailed record of past temperatures. This historical data serves a dual purpose – it acts as a quality record for future reference and provides a credible resource in potential dispute resolution scenarios. This feature is particularly valuable for infrastructure projects where concrete temperature data logging may be a mandatory requirement.

Proactive Alerts for Timely Intervention

WEDGE takes a proactive stance on site management by implementing email and text alerts. Superintendents receive notifications if temperature thresholds are exceeded. Timely alerts are not just about saving dollars; they are about safeguarding the entire construction project. Acting promptly can prevent costly mistakes and ensure the project stays on schedule, avoiding the need to redo phases.

WEDGE Remote Monitoring is not just a tool; it's a strategic ally for construction projects, ensuring the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and on-time delivery.

Success Stories

Featured WEDGE Projects

Remote Concrete Monitoring Supports Bridge Construction Project
WEDGE case study

Remote Concrete Monitoring Supports Bridge Construction Project

Keeping concrete at the proper temperature for curing in the middle of a Canadian winter is no easy task. When you’re building a five-span, 500-meter-long bridge and need to pour 1.7 million cubic meters of concrete, the cost of heaters and fuel can add up fast, not to mention the cost of manually monitoring each pour in keeping with strict government regulations. 

Two of the largest civil construction companies in North America faced these obstacles during a 4½-year bridge construction project in Alberta, Canada. By law, they were required to monitor every 50 cubic meters of concrete every four hours in the first 24 hours after each pour, then every eight hours for the next 28 days, recording both the surface temperature and the core concrete temperature. 

Wedge worksite

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Embrace the future of smart construction management with WEDGE – where technology meets intelligence. Contact us today to explore how WEDGE can revolutionize your next project.