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Vacuums for Rent

At United Rentals, we understand the importance of a clean and safe environment. That's why we offer our customers an extensive selection of high-quality vacuums for rent.

For our full list of vacuums, view the items below. For more information about vacuums, visit our resource section.

Electric Industrial Vacuum
Cat Class Code

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, 10-15 gal., Electric Powered

  • 25' electrical cord with wrap included
  • Wet and dry filter with no conversion needed
  • Recessed wheels and clamps
  • Quiet operation
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Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum, 55 gal., Pneumatic Powered

  • For handling water, oil, solvent and other debris
  • Wet and dry recovery with no filter change
  • Single, dual or quad-head configuration
  • 55-gallon ribbed steel drum
  • Add this vacuum cleaner to your cart nowPick up dust and slurry from coring, cutting, grinding or drilling work with this concrete dust vacuum. It's versatile and robust with a 55-gallon waste tank. This vacuum's airflow is up to 150 cubic feet per minute
Vacuum Pack Shot
Cat Class Code

Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum, 10-14 gal.

  • Up to 14 gallon capacity
  • Lightweight for convenient transport
  • Comes with easy-to-use attachments
  • Comes with easy-to-use attachments
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Black Mi-T-M wet/dry portable vacuum
Cat Class Code

Wet/Dry Portable Vacuum, 20-24 gal.

  • 50' electrical cord included
  • Water lift up to 110"
  • Air flow up to 116 CFM
  • Tip-and-pour tank available
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Cat Class Code

Industrial Vacuum, 45 gal., Electric Powered

  • Two 115V, 2.5 horsepower motors
  • Water lift up to 110"
  • Air flow up to 200 CFM
  • 45-gallon drum
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Dewalt DWH303DH
Cat Class Code

Dust Removal System Vacuum Accessory for Breaker Hammers

  • Accessory to breaker hammers and other demolition equipment
  • Collect up to 95% of dust
  • Extremely robust and durable system
  • Ideal for all indoor chiseling and renovation workClean your site and protect your operators from harmful concrete dust and particulates. This dust removal system is designed for demolition breaker hammers to pick up to 95% of dust. This dust removal syst
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Cat Class Code

Concrete Dust Vacuum, Wet/Dry, Electric Powered

  • For wet and dry pickup
  • Heavy-duty wheels for easy transport
  • Air flow up to 150 CFM
  • 9.85-10' vacuum hose
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Red and black Hilti electric 10 gal. vacuum dust collector
Cat Class Code

Vacuum Dust Collector, 10 gal., Electric Powered

  • High-capacity, 10 gallon dust tank
  • Heavy-duty rolling casters for easy maneuverability
  • Quick one-step dustpan removal
  • Ideal for high-dust applications like demolition work
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Blue Abatement Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
Cat Class Code

Industrial HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

  • Water capacity up to 6.6 gallons
  • Water capacity up to 6.6 gallons
  • Up to 16' hose
  • Quiet operation
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yellow backpack style hepa vacuum product shot
Cat Class Code

HEPA Vacuum Backpack, Pneumatic Powered

  • For portable or stationary use
  • 3.25-gallon tank capacity
  • Multistage filtration system
  • 30' electrical cord
  • Uses: Ideal for cleaning large areas on the go with backpack straps or as a stationary vacuum
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FAQs About Vaccums

Browse United Rentals’ selection of commercial vacuum rentals below. Larger vacuums are ideal for keeping around the shop or worksite to clean up any mess and keep harmful dust and pollutants out of the air, ensuring the safety of your crew. Our wet/dry vacuums have features like powerful suction force and airflow, portability, robust wheels and long hoses. Suck up concrete dust and slurry from coring, cutting, grinding and more.

Learn more about our vacuums in our FAQ section below.

How do you use a shop vac for water?

Using a shop vacuum for water is similar to using it for dirt and dust, with a few possible differences. First, ensure your shop vac is made and equipped for water pickup. Second, remove paper filters on wet-dry shop vacs. Lastly, ensure that you check the retention tank in the vac for leaks. For further assistance on using shop vacs for water pickup, reach out to a United Rentals expert near you.

What size shop vac do I need?

Shop vacs come in a variety of shapes and sizes with varied features, capacities and capabilities. The best option for you is dependent upon the size of your jobsite and specific task needs. To ensure the best selection, consult with your site manager or supervisor.

What are air watts in a vacuum cleaner?

Air watts in a vacuum cleaner are determined by calculating airflow, suction and power consumption. It’s important to note that air watts and air flow are not the same specification. This information can be found in manufacturer specifications or owners manuals.