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Do you need temporary transfer, containment and treatment of liquids or power generation solutions?  

Tank Level monitoring
NEW: Measurement & Control

Telemetry systems are transforming operational management across diverse industries. Picture the ability to remotely monitor our rental equipment, receive alerts, and enhance its performance without the necessity for continual on-site supervision. 

This is now possible with the United Rentals level measurement solution.

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NEW: Battery Pack 45 kVA 60 kWh

The United Rentals high performance energy storage system is suitable for a wide range of applications; providing solutions for sustainable and efficient energy storage.

Equipped with an integral 45 kVA / 60 kWh Battery Pack, the device operates independently or with a generator to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and noised.

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Tank Unlined 35 - m³

United Rentals is introducing a new tank that supports multiple less demanding containment, transfer and treatment applications.

Whether you need temporary containment of non-hazardous liquids, a pump buffer when transferring sewer-water or a treatment solution for contaminated ground or surface water, our new tank can handle it.

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Power Solutions

Find the right temporary power solutions. Be prepared for everything — even the unplanned — with United Rentals' comprehensive fleet of power equipment. Our generators are available with Air Shut Off Valve and spark arrestor to operate in industrial environments and all have telemetry to allow remote monitoring.


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Fluid Solutions

Our filtration equipment can be used in multiple configurations for a wide range of industrial applications. While our Filtration "Open Top" Tank is ideal for waste streams with heavy dirt loads or large particles, our duplex bag filtration system is ideal for straining or polishing of flows with smaller particles. Our Gas Scrubber has been designed to work in tandem with our Poly Tank as it can reduce concentrations of acid or base vapours or odours in the vented air released from the tank.


High performance rental equipment

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Integrated fluid and power solutions

About United Rentals

When it comes to containment, transfer or treatment of liquids, absolutely no one has been doing this longer – or better - than United Rentals. For decades, we’ve provided equipment rental solutions to a growing number of industries such as refineries, chemical sites, oil & gas, terminals & pipelines and power plants. Our international network of locations and product application technicians are dedicated to providing customers with quality equipment, innovative solutions and experienced personalised service. 

About UR
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With extensive industry experience, a large network of European branch locations, a large rental fleet and true 24/7 service, United Rentals is fully committed to the long-term success of our European customers.






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