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Sod cutters are a great choice when preparing a new landscape bed or a clearing for a new sidewalk or driveway. Lawn thatchers are a perfect gardening tool for removing thatch, which in excess can be bad for your lawn and even make it turn brown. Lawn overseeders combine the raking function of a dethatcher with a seeder to help restore a thinning area in your yard. United Rentals has a wide range of tools and equipment for your lawn or landscaping project. From hedge trimmers to log splitters, we're here to help.

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Cat Class: 290-7916
Blower Handheld Gas
Cat Class: 290-5120
Brush Cutter, Gas
Cat Class: 290-7752
Edger Lawn Gas 12"
Cat Class: 290-6100
Hedge Trimmer Hand
Cat Class: 290-2130
Large Lawn Aerator, Gas
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  • Ideal for small to medium sized properties.
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Cat Class: 290-2100
Lawn Aerator, Gas
Cat Class: 290-2560
Lawn Overseeder
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  • 3-position handle for operator comfort
  • Seeding width of 22"
  • Easy maneuverability
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Cat Class: 290-2550
Lawn Thatcher
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  • 3-position handle for operator comfort
  • Raking width of 18"
  • Easy maneuverability
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Cat Class: 290-2450
Sod Cutter 16"
Cat Class: 290-2455
Sod Cutter, 18"
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  • 4 Wheel Drive unit
  • Vibration isolated handle for operator comfort
  • Low center of gravity for better stability
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Cat Class: 290-8550
Straw Blower, Medium
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  • Shreds and blows 6-7 tons of straw per hour
  • Discharge head has a 360° rotation and 70° vertical travel
  • Discharge spout equipped with tensioning device for one-handed control
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Cat Class: 290-5100
Weed Mower, Gas
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  • Advanced multi-function control handle
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to operate
  • Two-piece shaft design for convenient storage and transport
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