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Digital Applications and Innovative Solutions

Helping customers drive safety, sustainability and productivity

Beyond Equipment: Digital Solutions for a Digital World

At United Rentals, our goal is to go beyond equipment rental - to provide the tools that will help enterprises work faster and safer, drive worksite efficiencies, and make companies even more profitable. It’s a digital world, and when it comes to driving success, digital technology should hand customers easy victories whether they’re on the worksite, in the field office or back at headquarters. Our digital solutions lead the pack. 

United Rentals is committed to providing not only the equipment businesses need, when they need it, but also the WORKSITE PERFORMANCE™ tools that will help customers work smarter, better and safer.

Here’s a look at how we’re innovating for tomorrow by engineering worksite performance solutions that let businesses both large and small do more with less and make use of every minute. Because the best equipment partner goes beyond providing equipment to helping customers create safer, more productive worksites. 

And if you like what we offer today, wait till you see what we offer tomorrow.


Our Suite of Digital Tools

What United Rentals Can Do For You

Streamlined Equipment Rental

Whether you order one forklift twice a year or 100 boom lifts for a single project, renting the equipment you need should be fast and easy.

Smarter Fleet Management

Our streamlined digital ecosystem will make it simpler for companies of any size to successfully manage their fleet using our digital tools.

Improved Equipment Maintenance

When and if your rented equipment requires service, the new United Rentals digital experience will make it easier to initiate service requests, track when the technician will arrive and view open service calls. 

Advanced Sustainability Strategy

Measure and evaluate the environmental footprint of your rental equipment, and get valuable insights that can lead to informed fleet and utilization strategy decisions to decrease equipment emissions.

United Rentals Digital Solutions


Take a closer look at how we’re going behind equipment and innovating for safer, more productive worksites of tomorrow. 



End-To-End Digital Applications

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United Rentals Mobile App

Get mobile access to the same tools and features you already use online. The app makes it easier than ever to run a smooth and efficient worksite — all from your phone.


Managing Your Worksite

United Rentals Benchmarking Service


United Rentals has created the first comprehensive utilization benchmark for different industry and equipment categories. Now, companies can score equipment utilization against their industry's benchmark, pinpoint improvement opportunities and quantify the dollar impact. 


Ready for Any Problem


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