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See the widest range of fluid management equipment for sale by United Rentals. We have high-volume, high-pressure pumps and vapor or double-wall containment tanks for sale. We are also happy to assist you in choosing carbon filter filtration systems, bag filter systems and other items for sale to utilize for applications such as non-residential construction, industrial plants, wastewater and upstream or downstream oil and gas. United Rentals can help you choose the right dewatering system for your jobsite with our large selection of equipment. Fluid management equipment for sale includes new pumps, tanks and filtration systems at affordable prices with customer support from our trained Fluid Solutions specialists.

FAQs About Fluid Management Equipment for Sale

What is industrial dewatering?

  • Industrial dewatering is delivering fluid-free material for reuse or disposal. Instead of simply dumping fluid into a containment basin, fluid management systems filter out as much fluid as possible and prepare the remaining solids for reuse.

What is a wellpoint dewatering system?

  • A wellpoint dewatering system, also known as a "washer well" or fluid management system uses multiple wells connected below the water table. The fluid flows into the wells and the resulting pressure causes water to rise up through a series of washers to where it can be reused, recycled or disposed of. 

How does a fluid management system work?

  • A fluid management system works by dewatering fluid in such a way that fluid is separated from solids and can be reused or disposed. The fluid is contained and fluid management equipment pumps fluid away. The fluid exits the containment via a filtration system attached at the perimeter.