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Material Handling for Sale (439)

United Rentals has you covered if you’re looking for used material handling equipment for sale. We carry a wide variety of material handling equipment for worksites big and small, including hoists, cable pulls, heavy-duty cranes and more. There are many benefits to purchasing a used material handler from United Rentals, such as our United Guard Warranty that covers much of our equipment. Additionally, all our equipment is maintained and serviced by our experts. For help answering any questions you may have about our material handling equipment for sale, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our representatives.

FAQs About Material Handling Equipment for Sale

What are material handlers?

  • Material handlers, or material handling equipment, consists of any mechanical equipment used for moving, storing, positioning or otherwise controlling materials. Material handlers are usually used throughout manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal processes. Examples include cranes, hoists, material lifts and other miscellaneous material handling equipment such as air winches, bottle jacks and more.

What is the most flexible material handling equipment?

  • While this may be subjective depending on the use case, generally cranes are known for their versatility. Cranes can move a wide variety of materials with different shapes and weights.

What is the importance of material handling equipment?

  • Material handlers are an essential aspect of the manufacturing, distribution and consumption of products. Material handling equipment improves institutions’ ability to find, move and ship out products, resources and other materials.