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SUVs for Sale (4)

United Rentals carries midsize SUVs for sale to ensure efficient crew transportation to and from the jobsite. Our inventory includes leading manufacturers like Ford, and our SUVs combine durability, comfort and safety.

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FAQs About SUVs

Our midsize SUVs offer a versatile and efficient solution for crew transportation across work locations. These vehicles, available in various sizes, can accommodate up to nine passengers comfortably, offering both the transport capacity and the rugged utility essential for jobsite operations. With spacious interiors and handling designed to tackle challenging terrains, our SUVs are ideal companions for teams working in remote or rural areas alike. Purchasing an SUV for sale from United Rentals ensures you're not just buying a vehicle, but investing in quality, expertly maintained equipment that will stand the test of time, all while enjoying the full support of our professional customer service team.

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What sizes of SUVs are available for sale at United Rentals?

Our range of SUVs for sale includes leading midsized models, including Toyota and Ford. These vehicles are designed for efficient crew transportation and offer reliable mobility and comfort. With ample wheelbase and interior space, these vehicles offer reliable mobility and comfort.

How can an SUV benefit a construction project?

SUVs are versatile vehicles, ideal for crew transportation for both on and off-road applications. Their flexibility and durability make them not just excellent for personnel transport but also for small cargo or tool transportation, offering a comprehensive solution for your next project.