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Backhoe Loaders for Sale (95)

United Rentals' comprehensive lineup of used backhoe loaders features machinery from Case, JCB, John Deere and other trusted manufacturers. These pre-owned backhoe loaders for sale are still capable of performing all the digging, demolition, construction, material transportation and landscaping projects you may need them for.

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FAQs About Backhoe Loaders

For those unfamiliar with operating a backhoe loader, we offer Backhoe Loader Operator Certification through United Academy. Select the backhoe loader that is perfect for you from our expansive inventory, and rest easy knowing that nearly all of our pre-owned backhoe loaders come with low-interest financing and our United Guard warranty. We also offer a large selection of used backhoe loader attachments for sale and other earthmoving attachments to ensure you have everything you need to get the job done.

What’s the difference between an excavator and a backhoe loader?

The most obvious difference is the disparity in size. Typically, backhoe loaders are smaller than excavators, making them slightly more versatile because of their increased mobility and precision. Backhoe loaders also have many more attachments available, which adds to their adaptability. Additionally, the way excavators and backhoe loaders rotate is also quite different. Excavator operators can rotate the machine's arm and its chassis in a full circle, while backhoe loader arms can only be rotated about 200 degrees around.

How much does a backhoe loader weigh?

Weight varies from model to model, but you’ll find that most backhoe loaders weigh anywhere from about 4,000 pounds up to around 25,000 pounds. Backhoe loaders with a heavier operating weight can usually handle higher load capacities. For example, the mid-sized John Deere 310L weighs 14,669 pounds and can lift just over 6,000 pounds at full height. Compare this to a smaller or larger model with a lower or higher operating weight, and you’d end up with very different load capacities. Getting familiar with what exactly your machine can handle safely is extremely important to you and your crew’s safety and the success of your projects.

What should I look for when buying a backhoe loader?

As with any purchase, it’s essential to be informed on what you want — and what you don’t want — when buying a used backhoe loader. Start from the ground up, beginning with the tires. These machines handle heavy materials, so it’s vital to make sure there isn’t any substantial damage to the backhoe loader’s tires. Just as important is inspecting the unit’s frame to ensure there aren’t any signs of cracking or welding from the previous owner. Additionally, it’s always advisable to be sure the backhoe loader runs well, particularly the equipment’s main engine and how the boom and controls function. Beyond reliability, other considerations include specs, such as power, operating weight and size, and any attachments you may need along with the base unit. You may also want to consider a dealer that offers a warranty in case things go wrong. Given these considerations, keep in mind that our trained experts are always available to answer questions and help you choose the right used backhoe loader for your needs.