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Does your jobsite need a core drill for concrete? United Rentals carries concrete core drills for sale from top manufacturers, like Husqvarna, to give you the best quality for your project. Whether you require a hand-held drill or heavy-duty core drill for sale, United Rentals has got you covered. We also carry a variety of core drill bits including diamond and carbide. What sets United Rentals apart is our equipment experts have maintained and inspected all core drills before selling, giving you the highest quality product. If you are looking for a concrete core drill for sale, then browse our inventory below.

FAQs About Core Drills for Sale

What is a core drill?

  • Core drills use a hollow, cylindrical bit to drill into a variety of tough materials. Much like a hole saw, these drills are designed to extract cylinders of concrete or cement to create tunnels through which to run necessary plumbing or electrical for a project.

What is diamond core drilling?

  • Diamond core drill bits are recommended for quick and accurate core drilling. By using a diamond bit, you can reduce the risk of fracturing your concrete and easily cut through tough material like rebar.

What is a core drill bit?

  • A core drill bit is just like any other drill bit in function; however, the shape is unique to this tool. Created in a cylindrical shape, a core drill bit can drill into tough materials like concrete and extract cement cores up to 10 inches.