Lighting Equipment for Sale (3,438)

When searching for light towers near me, United Rentals is there for you. Our selection of light towers presents options that are essential for meeting the challenge in any circumstance where power needs to be provided as quickly as possible. Light towers are outstanding options for concerts and events, planned and unplanned power outages, or construction work during nighttime hours. With many different types available, there's an option that suits any need. Choose from brands such as Magnum Pro, Wacker Neuson and Progress Solar Solutions. We offer stationary and portable light towers for sale with various operational features as well as diesel and solar-powered options to suit your specific needs. To learn more, click the “Request Information” link associated with the light tower you would like to purchase. A United Rentals sales expert will be in touch soon.

FAQs About Light Towers and Generators For Sale

How much do light towers cost?

  • Light towers can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a small, portable model to thousands for a large tower with extensive features. The price of the light tower will depend on its size, type and capabilities.

How many light towers do I need?

  • It can be hard to determine the number of light towers necessary for use. This will depend mostly on the size of the coverage area and purpose for lighting or power generation. For the best idea of the number of towers needed, consult with your site supervisor or project manager.

Can I use a light tower as a generator?

  • Yes, light towers can be used as generators in some instances. However, it’s important to be aware of the amount of power being generated to avoid hazards such as excessive emissions or equipment malfunctioning due to wet stacking or other problems.