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Excavators for Sale (347)

Experience the power of efficiency and precision with our diverse range of excavators for sale. Our selection covers every need, from compact mini models perfect for small-scale projects to heavy-duty machines designed for large construction tasks.

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FAQs About Excavators

If you’re looking for excavators for sale, browse United Rentals’ extensive selection, available in multiple locations at varying price points. We have used excavators for sale from trusted manufacturers like John Deere, Kobelco and Case. Perfect for standard and heavy-duty construction projects, these excavators can handle deep digging, trenching and earthmoving tasks. Our selection of excavators comes with a variety of boom lengths and weights. When you need a large piece of equipment that can handle heavy-duty digging, lifting or demolition, consider purchasing one of our used excavators for sale. Most of our excavators come with low-interest financing, and our United Guard warranty is included. Fill out a request form, and one of our United Rental experts will contact you with more information.

Learn more about our excavators in our FAQ section below.

Do you need a license to operate an excavator?

It is best practice to obtain an excavator certification before you begin operating this piece of heavy machinery. You can obtain your excavator certification through United Academy. This excavator certification course is available in both English and Spanish, in person and virtually.

Can you excavate frozen ground?

With the proper preparation and suitable equipment, you can use a heavy-duty excavator to dig through frozen ground during a construction project. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use a frost bucket instead of a dig bucket. Frost buckets come with elongated teeth for frozen surfaces. While excavators can stand up to the elements, frozen earth is hard on equipment and workers alike. It’s always best to schedule workdays during warmer weather.

How much does an excavator weigh?

The weight of an excavator can vary greatly depending on its size and class. Mini and compact excavators are relatively small and mobile, typically weighing between 2,500 and 14,000 pounds. Standard to full-sized excavators, more common in commercial operations, weigh between 41,800 and 88,000 pounds. Large excavators, used for heavy-duty tasks, can weigh as much as 45 tons.

Remember, the size and weight of the excavator you choose should align with your specific operational needs; consider factors such as the type of terrain and the weight of the materials you will be handling. To find an excavator that’s right for you, reach out to your local United Rentals branch to speak with a team member. You can also check out this Project Uptime article, What Is an Excavator? Different Types and How They're Used for more information.


Excavators in Action