Excavators for Sale (213)

If you’re looking for excavators for sale, browse United Rentals’ extensive selection, available in multiple locations at varying price points. We have used excavators for sale from trusted manufacturers like John Deere, Kobelco and Case. Perfect for standard and heavy-duty construction projects, these excavators can handle deep digging, trenching and earthmoving. We have equipment available all around the country, so you’ll be sure to find the right product when you search for an excavator for sale. Browse our selection of excavators that come with a variety of boom lengths and weights. When you need a large piece of equipment that can handle heavy-duty digging, lifting or demolition, consider purchasing one of our used excavators for sale. The majority of our excavators come with low-interest financing, and the United Guard warranty is included. Fill out a request form, and one of our United Rental experts will be in touch with more information about the excavator.

FAQs About Excavators for Sale

Do you need a license to operate an excavator?

  • It is best practice to obtain an excavator certification before you begin operating this piece of heavy machinery. You can obtain your excavator certification through United Academy. This excavator certification course is available in both English and Spanish, in person and virtually.

What does an excavator do?

  • Excavators are the heaviest piece of machinery out of all the earthmoving equipment. Heavy-duty excavators are used for deep digging, landscaping, trenching, lifting heavy objects and demolition. The boom can extend to wide and deep distances, and the bucket can easily break up the ground and act as a shovel to remove debris and sediment.

Can you excavate frozen ground?

  • With the proper preparation and right equipment, you can use a heavy-duty excavator to dig through frozen ground during a construction project. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use a frost bucket instead of a dig bucket. Frost buckets come with elongated teeth for frozen surfaces. Overall, while excavators are able to stand up to the elements, frozen earth is hard on equipment and workers alike. It’s always best to schedule work days during warmer weather.