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Straight Mast Rough Terrain Forklifts for Sale (268)

Take advantage of the versatility and strength of our selection of straight mast rough terrain forklifts for sale. Whether you're involved in construction, agriculture or any industry that requires material handling on rough terrain, our straight mast rough terrain forklifts offer easy directional control and superior performance.

For our full list of straight mast rough terrain forklifts, view the items below. For more information about rough terrain forklifts, visit our resource section.



FAQs About Straight Mast Rough Terrain Forklifts

Our wide range of used rough terrain forklifts for sale are all-purpose machines used to perform many common construction tasks. These forklift vehicles can carry heavy loads of gear and materials, as well as climb steep hills and traverse muddy terrain. Rough terrain forklifts can be a big investment, so buying a used all-terrain forklift can save you money. United Rentals has a large inventory of off-road forklifts from reliable brands such as Komatsu, JCB, Caterpillar and Case. All of our rough terrain forklifts are ready to work hard.

Learn more about our straight mast rough terrain forklifts in our FAQ section below.

What licenses do I need to operate a rough terrain forklift?

A standard driver's license and equipment operator certification are required to operate a rough terrain forklift. Many rough terrain forklift operators receive special certification through training courses that include forklift operator safety and rough terrain forklift defensive driving. Browse local or online rough terrain forklift training through our United Academy.

Do rough terrain forklifts require a lot of maintenance?

Rough terrain forklifts do require regular maintenance. The vehicle's brakes and gears must be inspected frequently for wear and damage, just as you would with any other piece of equipment. Inspections should be conducted at least once per month. The rough terrain forklift's power take-off system should be checked daily to ensure the vehicle provides maximum horsepower and efficiency. At United Rentals, our rough terrain forklifts are thoroughly inspected before purchase, so you can start working at your site immediately.

How do rough terrain forklifts work?

Rough terrain forklifts are designed for working outside on construction sites, where the ground is rugged and uneven. The wheels on rough terrain forklifts are equipped with unique treads that help the vehicle drive over coarse dirt, mud and obstacles like rocks. These all-terrain forklifts are fitted with large drive wheels to handle rough and steep ground in any weather, including rain or snow.