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Cargo & Passenger Vans for Sale (5)

Handle all your transportation and logistical needs with United Rentals' wide selection of reliable and efficient cargo and passenger vans for sale. Perfect for jobsites that require crew mobilization or secure tool and material storage, these vans are crucial to maintaining project timelines and worker productivity. Our fleet includes top equipment brands such as Ford and Chevrolet.

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FAQs About Cargo & Passenger Vans

Transport crew and jobsite materials reliably and efficiently with United Rentals' selection of cargo vans and passenger vans for sale. Also known as utility vehicles or work vans, our inventory ranges from compact vans for swift urban delivery jobs to spacious extended models designed for maximum cargo capacity or crew transport. Our cargo and passenger vans feature varying roof heights and interior dimensions, offering tailored solutions for maneuvering through tight city streets or transporting heavy equipment. Often found supporting industries including construction, telecommunications, event planning and more, these vehicles bring unmatched versatility and efficiency to every project.

Learn more about cargo and passenger vans in our FAQ section below.

What types of industries can benefit from United Rentals' cargo and passenger vans?

United Rentals' cargo and passenger vans provide unmatched versatility to various industries. Construction companies use them for transporting tools and materials to jobsites, while telecom businesses leverage them for moving equipment and crews necessary for installation and maintenance tasks. Event planners find the spacious vans ideal for hauling supplies, ensuring every item arrives safely and on time. Whether your industry is healthcare, education or entertainment, these vans ensure you have the right transportation solution to meet the logistical demands of your enterprise.

How does United Rentals ensure the quality of its used vans?

At United Rentals, we take pride in our rigorous maintenance standards and meticulous service history records. Each vehicle in our fleet undergoes a thorough inspection and servicing process to ensure that it meets our high performance and safety standards before being listed for sale. Customers can trust that when they purchase a used cargo or passenger van from us, they invest in a vehicle that has been expertly maintained, ensuring reliability and longevity to support their business needs.

Can United Rentals assist with financing or other purchasing solutions for cargo and passenger vans?

Understanding the diverse financial needs of our customers, United Rentals offers a variety of purchasing solutions, including competitive financing options. Our team is committed to working with you to find a payment plan that aligns with your budget and cash flow. Additionally, we offer a straightforward purchasing process, comprehensive after-sale support and the option to buy online.