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Power Generation Equipment for Sale (3,186)

United Rentals’ top-tier selection of power generation equipment for sale is designed to provide consistent, efficient and sustainable energy solutions tailored to your power needs. With an extensive selection of reliable brands, we offer a wide range of power generators for sale, each backed by our commitment to outstanding customer service.

For our full list of power generation equipment, view the items below. For more information about power generation equipment, visit our resource section.



FAQs About Power Generation Equipment

Allow the United Rentals fleet of power generation equipment for sale to assist you with your power needs. Our large selection of power generation equipment has everything you need for your next project. Find the right load bank for the job from resistive, reactive and capacitive options to ensure your emergency and backup generators provide reliable service when switched on. Choose between industrial, inverter or portable power equipment generators to maintain power through an outage and provide electricity to locations without permanent power options. United Rentals also carries a variety of power distribution equipment for sale, including extension cords, transfer switches, cables, transformers and distribution panels to provide power no matter the location. Our power generation inventory for sale comes from top equipment manufacturers to ensure you receive high-performing and reliable equipment. Browse our selection above and contact a United Rentals representative for further information.

Learn more about our power generation equipment in our FAQ section below.

What is an industrial generator?

An industrial generator is like any other power equipment generator in the way that it creates power; however, it is larger in size and provides more powerful and reliable energy to entire spaces in industrial-style settings like warehouses, distribution centers and more.

Can I run a generator indoors?

No, running a generator inside is never recommended because it can produce exhaust that contains carbon monoxide. Be sure to place your generator 5 feet away from any doors, windows or exhaust ports around your home or jobsite.

When is it time to upgrade power generation equipment?

There are several telltale signs that it might be time for an upgrade. These can include inconsistent power generation, higher fuel costs due to decreased efficiency, aging machinery and technology pain points associated with equipment obsolescence. Not only can upgraded equipment reduce operational costs over time, but it can also significantly improve your energy footprint, contributing to sustainability efforts.