Power Buggies & Buckets for Sale (152)

Look no further than United Rentals for concrete mixing buckets and concrete power buggies for sale. United Rentals carries name brand manufacturers including Allen Engineering, Multiquip, Toro, Wacker Neuson and more. Our inventory of Georgia buggies for sale will keep your concrete and masonry operation running smoothly. Mix, store and transport concrete with concrete mixing buckets and power buggies on site. Our products have been inspected and maintained by United Rentals equipment experts. Purchases may be protected by our United Guard Warranty. Request information on any of the models below. 

FAQs About Power Buggies & Buckets for Sale 

How many yards does a concrete buggy hold? 

  • Concrete buggies can hold a large amount of concrete, from 10 to 30 cubic feet, which can be several bags of concrete for bigger commercial jobs. Many of our models hold 16 cubic feet. Smaller concrete buggies or buckets can carry between three and five cubic feet for smaller slab pouring.  

What is a concrete buggy? 

  • A concrete buggy is a large, transportable bucket with an articulating dump action to transport to the work area and spot pour concrete. There are two types of buggies: manual, push buggies and heavy-duty powered buggies. The powered buggies can have wheels or tracks, and the operator drives, standing behind the concrete buggy or sitting in a cab. Concrete buggies may also be called power buggies or Georgia buggies.  

Are concrete buggies gas or diesel powered? 

  • Most of our concrete buggies for sale are gas powered. However, there may be diesel-powered models available. Request information on any concrete power buggies below for details from a representative from United Rentals.