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United Rentals is the right place for used augers for sale. With our wide selection of towable, 3-point, hydraulic and 2-man augers for sale, you’ll be digging holes in no time. We also carry attachable post hole diggers for your tractor, skid steers and excavators that will help you bore holes effectively and efficiently. Shop from top manufacturers like Little Beaver, Stihl, Belltec and more. Whether you are drilling holes for telephone poles, fence posts or planting trees, United Rentals has what you need. When you find the equipment you’re interested in, request information for more details. 

FAQs About Augers for Sale 

How much do augers cost? 

  • Price is determined by the manufacturer, age and hours of usage of the auger. See the listings below to compare the price options.  

Can augers cut through tree roots and rocks?  

  • While it is possible for augers to cut through tree roots, you should proceed with caution or you might snap off the end of the drill bit and potentially cause harm to yourself and others. You may want to start with a shovel and dig a pilot hole, as a lot of tree roots can just be pulled out by hand. Just like tree roots, rocks can also pose a challenge for your auger. Some augers can handle rocky soil just fine, but for harder surfaces, such as concrete or granite, you may need to use a jackhammer in conjunction with your used post hole digger. Reach out to your local United Rentals branch today to speak with one of our lawn and landscape experts. 

How do drum augers work?  

  • The sink auger, also known as a drum auger, is one of the most commonly used plumbing tools — and for good reason. It consists of a flexible cable with a corkscrew end, which allows it to quickly and easily remove clogs from drains. The auger is also equipped with a locking mechanism, which helps to prevent the cable from unraveling while in use. This auger’s compact design makes it easy to store and transport, which makes it a great choice for both home and professional use.