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The industrial pumps for sale from United Rentals have what it takes to get the job done. We offer a large selection of industrial pumps, so you can find the right one for your industrial fluid management applications. Remove any muddy water, grey water, sludge or sewage with our powerful submersible pumps. United Rentals has the right pump for your needs, whether you need a trailer-mounted diesel-powered version or an electrical submersible pump for household dewatering.

Our industrial pumps range from small, portable steam vacuum pumps to industrial-grade diesel truck-mounted vacuum pumps that can move massive volumes of liquid. Shop for industrial vacuum pumps at United Rentals and you'll find a wide selection of easy-to-use industrial-grade pump equipment. We carry industrial pumps from industry-leading manufacturers including Wacker Neuson, Pioneer Pump, Magnum Pro and Hydra-Tech.

FAQs About Pumps for Sale

How do I control the flow rate of a centrifugal water pump?

  • A centrifugal pump is a type of pump that uses centrifugal force. As liquid enters the eye of the impeller, it becomes more pressurized and spins around at high speeds to travel through the pump. This high-speed liquid can be used to push other liquids up or against gravity. If you want to control how fast liquid flows through your pump, also referred to as head pressure, you can adjust the speed of your industrial pump's impeller. With pumps for sale from United Rentals, you have options that provide high performance without sacrificing safety or productivity.

How do I adjust an automatic water pump pressure controller?

  • Automatic water pump pressure controllers tend to use mechanical valves and preset functions. These valve types can prevent the pressure in your industrial pump system from exceeding a preset level. If you want to adjust how much liquid is inside an automatic water pump, or if you need to protect your industrial vacuum pumps and other equipment from large surges in liquid pressure, an industrial water pump pressure controller is the solution you need.

Why is my industrial vacuum pump not pumping?

  • Industrial vacuum pumps are used to remove liquids from industrial sites, construction areas and more. If your industrial vacuum pumps aren't working as expected, the reason may be due to how you're using them or the condition of your hose and tubing. Make sure your industrial vacuum pump is free of dust and debris and that all hoses and tubes are in good working order. Check to make sure your industrial vacuum pump is operating under an appropriate vacuum level and that the flow rate matches what you need for industrial purposes.