Earthmoving Attachments for Sale (666)

Get the most out of your earthmoving equipment with one of our many earthmoving attachments for sale. Our extensive selection includes used skid steer attachments, backhoe attachments, excavator attachments, trencher attachments, sweeper attachments and more. These interchangeable additions to your equipment allow you to use the machinery in new ways and for various applications. You can outfit your skid steer with a wide range of buckets, augers, mulchers, hay spears and pallet forks or your excavator with things like rippers, rakes, pulverizers and other handy attachments. All of these tools serve to make your fleet of earthmoving equipment more versatile, so you’re ready to tackle any project, anywhere.

Browse our complete inventory and compare pricing, features and specifications below. At United Rentals, we have all the used earthmoving equipment you need.

FAQs About Earthmoving Attachments for Sale

Will Bobcat attachments fit John Deere skid steers?

  • Yes, most Bobcat skid steer attachments will fit John Deere skid steers and vice versa. In fact, almost all skid steer attachments are interchangeable between different manufacturers, thanks to a universal attachment bracket called the "quick attach." This system allows you to share attachments between skid steers from popular brands like Mustang, Caterpillar, John Deere, New Holland, Kubota, Gehl, Takeuchi, Bobcat and more.

What are the best attachments for an excavator?

  • While this varies widely depending on your needs, some of the most commonly helpful excavator attachments are augers, hammers and buckets. Augers are excellent for digging deep holes for planting trees and placing pillars or poles. Hammer attachments, also known as breakers, are able to break up hard materials like concrete and come in different shapes for different applications. Finally, buckets are used for scooping, digging and transporting various materials throughout a worksite. As aforementioned, the most effective attachment will depend on what exactly you need out of your excavator, so becoming familiar with each attachment's different strengths and weaknesses is vital to efficient operation.

What are some must-have skid steer attachments?

  • Depending on what project you or your crew are currently working on, the attachments that best fit your needs may vary. However, some of the more versatile attachments include pallet forks, grapple buckets and landscape tillers. Pallet forks are very useful for lifting and moving palletized materials, especially when no forklifts are available on the worksite. Grapple buckets provide a secure method of handling materials and objects and are the best tool for stabilizing uneven materials like lumber. Landscape tillers are used for breaking up soils, leveling terrain and mixing in fertilizers for landscaping, agriculture, construction and more. These are just some of the helpful skid steer attachments we have available for sale. No matter the project, United Rentals has the earthmoving attachments you need.