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See below to choose the right floor sander for sale for your next floor refinishing project. United Rentals offers a variety of floor scraper and sander options, and our team is committed to helping you find a machine that sets you and your team up for success.

Floor scrapers can be used to strip away tile, flooring or other materials. Depending on whether you want to operate from a standing or sitting position, you can choose between a ride-on or walk-behind scraper. Floor sander machines are used to smooth several types of surfaces, and United Rentals has several quality used floor sanders for sale to choose from. Fill out this form to receive information about equipment and additional inventory from one of our sales experts.

FAQs About Sanders and Strippers for Sale

What are floor scraper machines used for?

  • Floor scrapers and strippers are an efficient way to remove flooring material from surfaces. Depending on your specific project, you can use either a ride-on or walk-behind scraper to save time and energy for your crew.

What sander should I use on hardwood floors?

  • To determine the best machine and method for your hardwood finishing project, you will need to consider the wood’s condition and your desired finish. Drum sanders and belt sanders are the most commonly used machines for large-scale projects that require more aggressive sanding and are great for reverting wood floors back to bare wood. Floor edgers and smaller orbital sanders are ideal for sanding corners and smaller areas.

How do I know which floor sander to use?

  • There are a variety of floor sander options to choose from, so you will want to consider factors like surface material and condition, desired finish and surface area to determine the best machine for your jobsite. Drum sanders are large, heavy-duty machines that are great for large-scale projects that have multiple layers of finish or significant damage. Orbital sanders are less aggressive and are ideal for smoothing out wood after using a drum sander or sanding concrete.
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