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Welder Accessories for Sale (23)

Find the perfect complement to your welder with United Rentals’ wide selection of welder accessories for sale. From welder regulators to adaptors, we offer the tools to take your welding projects to new heights.

For our full list of welder accessories, view the items below. For more information about welder accessories, visit our resource section.


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FAQs About Welder Accessories

United Rentals offers a comprehensive inventory of used welding accessories for sale for your next project or work assignment. After purchasing a used welding machine from United Rentals, ensure you have all the necessary attachments and accessories for safe, functional operation. From welding torches for sale to gas regulators for welders, United Rentals has a broad selection of items to fit your welding needs. For the best safety measures, explore our list of welding helmets for sale to protect your eyes and face. Browse our current inventory to ensure you have the correct equipment, including hoses, torches, regulators, plasma cutters and more. United Rentals offers low-interest financing on some pieces of equipment and has customer support available 24/7.

Learn more about our welder accessories in our FAQ section below.

What is a welding remote?

A welding remote allows the welder to operate a welding machine remotely, offering greater flexibility in where the welder sits or stands during a project. In many cases, welding projects are done in tight, cramped spaces. A welding remote operates the machine without manually handling the welder to allow for greater ease and comfort.

What does a welding regulator do?

A welding regulator adjusts and normalizes high-pressure gas from the cylinders and releases it safely into the welding torch. This helps reduce potential hazards during a welding project and ensures that the machine operates correctly.

Can you weld regular steel to stainless steel?

While welding stainless steel to regular steel is possible, it is best practice to fuse the same materials to ensure the best sustainable outcome.