Air Tool Accessories for Sale (96)

Browse United Rentals selection of air tool accessories for sale below and ensure your team has the necessary air tool accessories to power their air tools. Whether you’re looking for an absorption dryer, an air compressor hose, an air drill slab, a hydraulic air pump or an air receiver, United Rentals is here to connect you with the equipment you need to keep your tools and worksite running smoothly. Our selection of air tool accessories includes tools from reliable manufacturers like AirTek, Parker Hannifin and more. For more information about used air tool accessories and additional inventory, request information on any product near you.

FAQs About Air Tool Accessories

What are regenerative air dryers used for?

  • Regenerative desiccant air dryers clean and dry air systems and help prevent condensation and corrosion. These machines can remove aerosols, debris, particles and more from the air.

What size air hose do I need for air tools?

  • Diameter requirements for air hoses vary depending on the tool’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) requirements. Internal diameter size typically increases with CFM requirements. For example, smaller hand-held tools like nail guns might require a 1/4-inch diameter hose, whereas heavy-duty tools with high CFMs typically require at least 3/8-inch diameter hoses. Still wondering what size air hose to buy? Reach out to a United Rentals sales expert for assistance.

What are chisel attachments used for?

  • Chisel attachments install to pneumatic chipping hammers and can be used to cut and shape metal and break up grout or rock.