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United Rentals is the right choice for used tillers for sale. Garden tillers have multiple uses, including weeding, hoeing and plowing. Our used tillers are also great for crumbling soil, which will not only help you aerate the soil to prepare it for planting, but will also help prevent weeds from taking over. United Rentals has a wide selection of both front tine and rear tine tillers for sale. Front tine tillers are typically used for regular garden maintenance, like weeding or composting in small to mid-size gardens, whereas rear tine tillers have engine-driven wheels that are ideal for larger planting areas. We carry top manufacturers such as Honda, Troy-Bilt, John Deere and more in both gas and electric models. Check out the listings below for more information on makes, models and pricing. 

FAQs About Tillers for Sale 

What’s the difference between a used rototiller and a cultivator? 

  • Both tilling and cultivating are processes that turn over soil, and the names are often used interchangeably. However, tillers and cultivators are used very differently. For example, cultivators are primarily used for mixing potting soil in with existing soil or adding fertilizers and other nutrients into your soil mixture. They are terrific to use in place of hoes as they don’t require as much bending over. Tillers, on the other hand, are used for larger spaces where new gardens or lawns will be planted. They break up compacted soil, loosen rocky soil and remove weeds and grass.  

Can you use a tiller to level ground? 

  • Yes, tillers are great for leveling out large areas of uneven ground to prepare the soil for planting.  

What size tiller do I need?  

  • If you plan to plant a small garden, such as an herb or flower garden, in an area where the dirt isn’t hard or rocky, a cultivator is the way to go. For mid-sized gardens, consider using a front tine tiller as they are typically lighter weight and easy to maneuver. However, if you are preparing a large area for seeding grass or starting a community garden, especially if the ground is compacted and full of rocks, a rear tine tiller is the best choice: It’s larger than a front tine tiller, generally has more horsepower and is built with heavy-duty jobs in mind. Contact a United Rentals branch today for more information on our rear tine tillers for sale.