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Load Banks for Sale (1)

As the demand for reliable power sources continues to rise, load banks have become essential for testing and maintaining these systems. Whether you're looking for portable, stationary or trailer-mounted options, a wide variety of used load banks are available for sale from United Rentals.

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FAQs About Load Banks

United Rentals is the No. 1 supplier of used load banks for sale. Our load banks can handle the most rigorous conditions and provide the assessment services you need to ensure proper generator power on your jobsite. Select a high-quality Avtron load bank from our offerings today. With a capacity of up to 400 kilowatts, these load banks are ideal for testing generators, UPS, switchgear, transfer switches, HVAC systems and data centers. Read our Project Uptime article on how to use load banks for testing data center commissioning. These multipurpose load banks are just what you need to manage and maintain power efficiency on your jobsite. You can count on United Rentals to provide trusted load bank equipment to meet your demands.

Learn more about our load banks in our FAQ section below.

What are load banks used for?

Load banks are a type of assessment tool used to transfer electrical power loads to generators to test their functionality and efficiency. If the load test fails, the structure has another transfer switch communicating with the load bank’s circuit board. The load bank will shut off, and the electrical flow to the generator will cease until a technician resets it.

How do I hook up a load bank to a generator?

Load banks are connected to generators by manual transfer switches. The switches operate by assigned site workers who maneuver the switch to shift it to and from the “load bank” setting. If you need assistance with this task, we encourage you to thoroughly read any user manuals or guides on safe equipment use. Contact your local United Rentals branch to consult with a specialist for further support.

How much does a load bank cost?

At United Rentals, we strive to meet every customer at a reasonable price point. Our used load banks range in cost depending on the make, model, manufacturer year and usage. Request information on any of our load bank models, and a United Rentals representative will contact you.