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Pickup Trucks for Sale (264)

From transporting materials to towing equipment, these pickup trucks are perfect for construction managers and independent contractors. We offer top-notch brands like Ford and Chevrolet, ensuring the best in the market. Browse high-quality pickup trucks for sale below, designed to meet diverse project needs.

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FAQs About Pickup Trucks

When it comes to purchasing the right pickup truck to suit your project needs, United Rentals offers a fleet of well-maintained vehicles promising performance and reliability. We include a variety of sizes and specifications, from light-duty pickups perfect for quick site runs to heavy-duty trucks capable of hauling substantial loads. Known as utility trucks or service trucks, these vehicles are indispensable for tasks such as material delivery, equipment towing and crew transportation. By choosing from United Rentals, you acquire a vehicle that's been expertly maintained for top performance and support your company’s sustainability goals with our eco-friendly options.

See our detailed FAQ section below to delve deeper into the benefits.

What should I consider when buying a used pickup truck?

When purchasing a used pickup truck, factor in the vehicle's maintenance history, towing capacity and mileage. United Rentals ensures all our trucks for sale have undergone thorough inspections and maintenance to provide you with a reliable truck that meets our rigorous standards.

How do I choose the right size and model for my needs?

When choosing the right size and model pickup truck, consider the typical load you transport and the conditions of your worksites. United Rentals offers a broad spectrum of sizes, from half-ton to 1-ton trucks, and our knowledgeable staff can advise you on models that align with your specific requirements.

What benefits are there to buying from United Rentals instead of new?

United Rentals ensures you’re buying from a fleet of used trucks that have been diligently serviced and maintained. You'll get premium, durable performance at a more affordable price than new vehicles and the confidence that comes from purchasing from a reputable provider.