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Pressure Washers for Sale (25)

Looking for a commercial-grade pressure washer for sale? Browse our wide selection of power washing equipment to find the right machine for you and your crew.

Pressure washers vary in several factors like power, water temperature and energy source, so it’s important to consider the needs of your specific project to determine the correct tool for you. The United Rentals lineup of power washing equipment features several industrial machines that are ideal for large-scale, heavy-duty projects. If you’re interested in buying a used commercial power washer for sale from reliable manufacturers like Mi-T-M, United Rentals has several options to choose from. Plus, all of our pressure washing equipment is maintained and serviced by our certified technicians so you can make a confident purchase.

FAQs About Pressure Washers for Sale

How do I choose a pressure washer?

  • You and your crew will want to consider factors like power, water temperature, maintenance, mobility and more to determine which pressure washer you’ll need to complete your specific job. For projects that require a heavy-duty or large-scale solution, search for models with a pressure output of approximately 2,800 PSI or more and water volume of at least 2 gallons per minute.

What can I use an industrial pressure washer for? 

  • Industrial pressure washers can be used for heavy-duty projects like paint stripping and outdoor facility cleaning. It is essential to choose a machine with the correct water pressure and temperature to ensure surfaces can be cleaned without being damaged. If you need help determining which power washer is best for you and your team, feel free to reach out to a United Rentals specialist for assistance.

How do you use a pressure washer? 

  • Power washers, also known as pressure washers, are highly effective at removing a variety of undesired materials from surfaces, but they can also be damaging to both people and objects when used incorrectly. Check out our list of 9 Safety Tips for Using a Pressure Washer for additional information that will help you keep your crew safe.
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