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Mixers for Sale (1)

United Rentals has a vast selection of concrete and mortar mixers for sale from a wide variety of top manufacturers including Multiquip, Stone and more. Choose between gas- or electric-powered concrete mixers to best suit the needs of your project. In need of a portable concrete mixer? Find towable mixers to increase productivity on large-scale sites. For quicker projects or DIY jobs, look for a smaller concrete mixer for sale to satisfy your job requirements.  

Mortar mixers use a stationary barrel with paddles inside to churn materials such as grout, stucco, plaster, epoxy and mortar. A concrete mixer is a rotating barrel with no paddles that handles rougher materials like cement and concrete, smoothing the rough edges out until it is ready to be poured.  

FAQs About Mixers 

What is the ratio to mix concrete? 

  • For general concrete mixing, use the simple 1-2-3 ratio for the most consistent results: one part cement, two parts sand and three parts gravel. Be sure to add the dry ingredients into the barrel and slowly add water as needed to achieve the desired consistency. 

How do I remove concrete from a mixer? 

  • To pour mixed concrete out of a mixer, simply turn the drum in the direction you wish to deposit the material and rotate the open face of the barrel downward to pour. To clean dried concrete out of a mixer, pour water and gravel into the drum and let the rock scrape any debris leftover.  

How much concrete does a mixer hold? 

  • Depending on the size and model of the mixer, you can fit half a bag to two bags of concrete at a time. Mortar mixers typically hold more material, ranging from one to three bags. 
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