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United Rentals is a top provider of commercial fans and blowers for sale. Whether you’re looking for a cooling source, ventilation or moisture and mold removal, we have the products you need. Fans and blowers are ideal for providing airflow to localized spaces. Choose from air scrubbers to improve air quality or evaporative cooling fans to accommodate your warehouse, industrial space or retail space as needed. Portable air movers and industrial floor fans can easily be transported between locations. Fans also feature a host of controls to adjust and tailor the output for your specific task requirements. Let United Rentals act as your official supplier of efficient fan blower products. Browse our selection to make your choice today.

FAQs About Fans and Blowers for Sale

Where can I buy an industrial fan?

  • United Rentals has fan and blower options to meet your jobsite demands. Request information to learn more about any of our products for sale. A United Rentals specialist will contact you to discuss purchasing the product.

What’s the purpose of a capacitor on a fan or blower?

  • Capacitors are needed to start the fan and blower functions. They are also necessary to produce the torque that causes a fan or blower blade to turn.
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